Buzz Group
Security Case Study

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    Buzz Group
    Security Case Study

    As one of the UK’s largest providers of bingo and entertainment events, Buzz naturally had large-scale security demands.

    However, it was a task we knew we were capable of delivering on, and so began one of the most exciting and mutually beneficial relationships in Churchill Support Services’ history.

    Since we started working alongside them back in July of 2021, we’ve covered more than 280 events across 91 different locations, and that’s only continued to grow as our partnership developed.

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    The Challenge

    In the wake of the pandemic, Buzz Group launched a series of Bada Bingo and Bingo Revolution events to be held at their venues across the UK throughout 2021 and 2022. The events were ticket-only events, and included a night of fun bingo with a variety of prizes to be won, special guest appearances, food and beverages.

    To ensure the safety of their guests and their staff throughout the event, Buzz Group required a trustworthy, nationwide security partner to assist with the specific security requirements at each venue.


    Case Study - The Solution

    The Solution

    Buzz Group first reached out to Churchill in July 2021 when searching for a security company to assist with their security requirements at one of the Bada Bingo events in Fenton, as their previous provider was unable to assist.

    To make sure we understood exactly what Buzz required from us as a provider, our management team attended a site meeting ahead of the event to discuss specific requirements. Initially, we supplied seven Door Supervisor Licenced Security Officers on the night, as well as an Event Supervisor to oversee the operation. Churchill wanted to ensure the event ran as smoothly as possible for Buzz, as it was one of the early events in their schedule, so without any hesitation our Operations Director and Business Managers were also in attendance on the night of the event.

    Following an overwhelmingly successful event, Buzz found our team to be incredibly professional and the attendance and support from our management team was hugely appreciated. Churchill were then awarded the contract to assist with remainder of the events scheduled in for 2021 and 2022 across the whole of the UK.

    Case Study - The Result

    The Result

    Since the contract award back in 2021, Churchill have provided over 1,900 Door Supervisor Licenced Security Officers and Supervisors to 289 Bada Bingo and Bingo Revolution events across 91 different locations up and down country.

    These events ranged in scope from themed nights to XXX Bingo, as well as the core offering that Buzz have become known for over their illustrious history, such as Bada Bingo and Bingo Revolution. It’s a diverse and challenging calendar, with over 170 events between now and August of 2022.

    Our team of officers have assisted in providing security at the entrance to each venue, checking IDs and bags upon entry, as well as ensuring security for inside the venues at the bar areas, slots areas, main bingo hall area and the bingo garden areas. Not only have our teams worked extremely well with the Buzz Group staff, but they’ve also ensured that guests had a great experience at each event.

    Churchill have recently been awarded the Contract to supply the Security Services at a further 90 events scheduled until the end of September 2023, with many more planned well into 2024, and a huge indoor festival named Fake Fest planned for July.

    The events have been a huge success for both Buzz Group and Churchill, and we’ve formed fantastic partnerships between key members of each party. We’re eagerly looking forward to continuing our partnership with Buzz Group Ltd throughout the rest of 2023, and long into the future.

    ‘Churchills UK coverage, high degree of flexibility and experienced senior team have resulted in an excellent level of support across our events. Their approach and drive to really understand our events and the type of team they need to deploy at each venue has ensured that our customers and teams truly have a security team that have their safety and security at the forefront of their approach.’