Snuggledown Case Study
Security Case Study

Snuggledown Case Study
Security Case Study

Snuggledown of Norway (UK) Limited (Snuggledown) are a nationwide provider of premium quality, Scandinavian pillows, duvets, mattress toppers and mattress protectors. Their bespoke linens offer a luxuriant experience and are highly sought-after by those looking to take their sleeping experience to the next level.

Born in Norway

Their proud Norwegian heritage has taught them a thing or two about keeping customers warm, comfortable, and cosy. Ever since they made that first duvet back in 1901, their expert craftsmen and women have painstakingly perfected the artisan skills of duvet making. Their passion for innovation remains stronger than ever, and their design team continue to draw inspiration from nature.

Made in Britain

Today, Snuggledown combine their years of experience with the latest technologies and the very best of British research, development, and workmanship. Snuggledown are the only British manufacturer who sorts feather and down on site.  With having greater control over what goes into our pillows and duvets, you rest assured that you’ll be getting a top-quality product.

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The Challenge

Like many other businesses in the manufacturing industry, Snuggledown discovered their facility is naturally a huge target for thieves and trespassers. With such high-value merchandise stored there throughout the year, the need for an effective and robust security solution was immediately apparent.

The main obstacle for Churchill and Snuggledown to tackle together was discovering the right solution which meets both the business’ and site’s needs. Finding the right solution, which both provided a visual deterrent and fit within the business’ budget, was the foremost concern.

Case Study - The Solution

The Solution

After reaching out to multiple local security companies in the North West, a relationship was discovered between Churchill and Snuggledown, where we proposed a flexible solution which met all the business’ criteria.

After several meetings and discussions, Churchill were awarded the security guarding contract to be implemented with immediate effect. Churchill provided an out-of-hours security guard who works around the shifts of the Snuggledown employees, ensuring there is a physical presence on site 24/7/365.

Case Study - The Result

The Result

Since our partnership began with Snuggledown over ten years ago, our team have struck a great relationship with site employees from all areas of the business. We have consistent communication, with Deputy Operations Manager Anthony Stokes attending Service Level Agreement meetings with our client on a monthly basis.

Churchill have remained flexible throughout the contract, adapting to Snuggledown’s change of business working hours during and after peak periods, and providing additional ad hoc support when required.

We provide additional guarding support for the annual Christmas parties, covered by our Door Supervisor Licenced Security Operatives, and emergency cover following any site incidents.

Our commercial team also have regular contact with the client to ensure our services are provided in line with the business’s budgets, and to discuss additional services which add further value to the site.

We’ve had the pleasure working with Snuggledown of Norway (UK) Limited for over a decade, and it’s been fantastic to revisit the journey and growth since we began working together. The whole team involved look forward to continuing our partnership for many more decades to come.