7 Key Tips For Hotel Security This Summer

As we hurtle at a breakneck pace towards another busy summer period, it’s natural that hotels would look to strengthen the security measures they have in place. That’s true around the world, of course, but especially so as holidaymakers turn their attention closer to home with spiralling costs prompting a great focus on the staycation.

Here at Churchill Support Services, we’ve got consummate levels of experience in adapting our security solutions to meet the shifting tides of tourism. With our exceptional range of security tailormade for hotels, we full understand how to accommodate the demands of the bus season, and how to change tack when the crowds peter out.

With our latest guide, we’ll be sharing just 7 of our most impactful tips for security in hotels, what they mean going forward for you, your staff and your guests. We’ll also explore what you can do to ensure that security is something you’ll never need to worry about.


Why Robust Hotel Security Has Quickly Become A Necessity

The hotel and guesthouse industry is one of the longest-standing and most diverse across the country. Whether it’s a countryside campsite that takes in breathtaking valleys and vistas, or a boutique hotel nestled at the heart of a city, it’s a sector with more nuance than most.

With that diversity, however, comes an increased risk of criminal activity, and that’s particularly true for the hotel industry.  The latest batch of data available – covering a year-long period between 2021 and 2022 – proves just how shocking the rates of crime that hotels, guest houses and motels witness.

In what may come as a shock, violent crime (4,589 offences) is the most prevalent issue, with theft and dishonesty (2,878 offences) occupying the second spot by some distance. There’s also substantial concerns surrounding the mounting figures in public order crimes (1,307 offences), criminal damage and arson (1,206 offences) and sexual crimes (1,107 offences).

These are undoubtedly scary statistics, and for guests, it’s something that’s gradually starting to factor into the decision-making process. While there’s plenty of ways to secure you’re home while you’re on holiday, it’s difficult to have that same reassurance with the hotel or guesthouse you’re staying in.

This is where rigorous hotel security measures must come into play, and be centrestage for guests to see when they arrive. Let’s break down a few of the key measures you can put into place.


7 Key Measures To Comprehensively Secure Your Hotel

We’ve isolated just 7 of the most robust methods for securing your hotel, as well as how you can most effectively take advantage of those going forward.


1. A Physical Security Presence Is Essential For Your Hotel

Arguably one of the most immediately apparent ways to reassure your guests as they arrive, a physical security presence – usually in the form of professional, SIA-licenced hotel security guards – is one of the most reliable, comprehensive ways to ensure the ongoing safety of your property.

While most at home in larger hotels, or those that are part of a chain, hotel security officers are immensely adaptable, especially with the correct training and expertise. Here at Churchill Support Services, all of our security professionals are able to encompass the various duties you’d expect from your frontline staff.

That extends to even include concierge duties and check-in desk operations, two major considerations for any hotel, but especially those that are more upmarket, or that are looking to command a higher price point. It’s also true the opposite way, too.

Smaller establishments – such as bed and breakfast establishments, or boutique hotels – may not necessarily have those same requirements, but they can still benefit hugely from those same, tailormade services.

Take a bespoke B&B, for instance. While you’ll likely take the lion’s share of the guest duties (such as welcomes and check-ins), a security officer can allow you to take some much needed time to relax after the rigours a day in hospitality can bring.

All of this is to say that, regardless of the size or nature of your hotel, a trusted physical presence – provided by a company that takes the time to understand how you operate – can and does offer exceptional levels of reassurance for both you and your guests.


2. Electronic Hotel Security Solutions Are Crucial

A mainstay already for most hotel security solutions, it bears repeating the importance of a robust, effective digital suite in place. Not only do cameras act as a huge deterrent to potential criminals – the first step in alleviating the issues hotels and guesthouses face – they’re also an exceptional tool in their own right.

Modern security cameras for hotels are already starting to make proactive and intelligent usage of the AI boom we’re currently in, with exceptional results. Vast improvements to monitoring, threat recognition and even processing speeds have all come about because of that increased focus upon the still-unrealised powers of AI in security.

The technology is already scalable, too. Machine learning means that, regardless of the size or scope of the premises you need electronic security solutions for, your AI-assisted cameras are flexible, and can roll with the punches that different premises bring.

Small bed and breakfast properties or AirBnBs, for instance – where you may not necessarily always be on site to care for guests – can be “trained” to deliver direct alerts when a threat is detected, or even when smoke is a cause for concern.

The same is true of much larger, multi-storey hotels too. While the technology is naturally still in its infancy, the early signs are that AI cameras in hotels can truly revolutionise the approach to safety, security and guest wellbeing.

We’re already riding the crest of that AI wave here at Churchill. It’s crucial that we practice what we preach and, with the introduction and subsequent development of artificial intelligence and machine learning in CCTV, we’ve already begun to roll out that latest batch of smart solutions.


3. Supercharge Your Access Cards & Fobs

One that’s more reserved for larger hotels, or those with a significant number of rooms (usually more than 10), access cards have long been a huge part of the industry. It makes sense, of course – easy access for guests, alongside less hassle for your staff, ensures a smoother experience that people are more likely to come back to.

That’s the core impetus behind ideas like this, that sense of a complete and independent experience for your guests, but there’s actually a surprising level of security benefits associated with those access cards.

Not only do they prevent the theft of physical hotel room keys – a major issue and cost sink for smaller businesses – they’re also able to be tracked to specific guests with more accuracy, thanks to modern computer systems.

Plus, by having more robust access systems in place, you’re providing an additional barrier for any potential trespassers, thieves or those would seek to disrupt your guests’ safety. It’s all part of and parcel of the modern experience in a hotel or guesthouse.

Access control systems for the hotel industry are also starting to become more commonplace for independent or smaller properties, especially with the booming popularity of AirBnB and similar services. Many choose to opt for a secured, wall-mounted lockboxes, which in and of itself is a more secure method of access control.

Ultimately, though, it’s crucial that you tailor your options for controlling access to your property. While some solutions may work for one hotel or guesthouse, others might not have the same requirements or concerns for their security.


4. Implement Robust Security Lighting For Your Hotel

Often overlooked in favour of some of the more big-ticket hotel security options, your outdoor and indoor security lighting is an understated method of providing that additional level of reassurance and comfort for your guests.

Think of your home, and the role an outside light plays. It’s an early warning system for any potential intruders, as well as alerting those around you to any possible issues far before they can ever become a more serious issue.

That same principle is true of hotels, no matter their size. From boutique B&Bs in the countryside, to chic city-centre tower blocks, outdoor lighting is an essential consideration. Most models are motion-activated, but we’re starting to see an influx of options that connect with security systems to pre-empt any dangers using the powers of AI.

Outside lighting is also an excellent way to keep guests safe as they come back after an evening out. It’s an additional layer of reassurance that’s both low cost and high impact, and that speaks volumes to guests who are unfamiliar with the area.

Indoor, motion-activated lighting plays a similar role in reassuring guests, but it’s also as much a feature of convenience and ease of access as it is a way to understand any possible security breaches.


5. Your Hotel Safes Play A Pivotal Role

The vast majority of modern hotels will already have this in hand, but the benefit of an in-room safe or lockbox simply can’t be understated. While you’ll obviously be doing all you can to ensure that your guests are completely safe during their stay, there’s always the inherent danger of someone gaining access to their room.

A safe offers that additional layer of protection should the worst happen, and offers visitors a place where they can be assured of total safety for their belongings. That’s particularly true of items that might not be required on a day-to-day basis, but that are a necessity for during or after the stay, such as passports, vehicle keys or boarding passes.

Most guests will expect this, and reasonably so. While you can trust your cleaning and maintenance staff implicitly, your guests won’t have that same established level of assurance, and can see the safe as a great way to protect the things they’re concerned about.

It’s also a great way to provide a service that’s greater value for money, and to offer something that’s more likely to see repeat business. Of course, for smaller guesthouses and B&Bs, there’s less of an onus to do this, but we’d still strongly advise investing in safes for each of your rooms, even if you’re only offering short-term stays.


6. Double Check Your Doors & Windows

One of the most fundamental tips is, in fact, one of the most overlooked ones. Double- and even triple-checking your doors, windows and any other access points is an absolutely crucial consideration and one that could make a huge difference.

It’s been statistically proven that the vast majority of burglaries and thefts from properties happen because of an unlocked door or window – a shocking statistic, but one that’s not likely to be a surprise to anyone who works in the hotel industry.

While you’re not able to close windows in guest rooms while they’re staying with you, it should be a priority for anyone who enters after a guest has checked out. This not only helps to prevent any unlawful entry, but it’s also a great way to reassure guests that you’ve checked and double checked their room before they choose to stay with you.

It’s also imperative that you close any ground floor windows, too, especially over the night shift or during times when there’s a limited amount of staff in the building. This not only offers an additional layer of security for guests, it’s one less thing for evening staff to worry about.


7. Reinforce Your Security Measures During Busy Times

While not a hotel security tip that you can put into action today, bolstering your security during busier times of the calendar is an ideal way to not only reinforce the security of your guests, but to keep your property safe, secure and disruption-free.

While the immediate assumption is that this would only be during the summer months, and over school half-terms, the truth of the matter is that venues could actually benefit from additional security at a range of different times throughout the year.

Major concerts, conventions and sporting events all draw in significant crowds, and make major contributions towards local and national economies. Taylor Swift’s string of concerts throughout 2024, for instance, was estimated to have contributed over £1 billion to the UK’s economy.

By harnessing and understanding events of that nature, your hotel security solutions can be both adaptable and robust enough to accommodate the changing demands of guests across the year.

This is also true of any events you might be hosting at your venue, especially if it’s a staff Christmas party or other celebration. Additional security for these events removes the pressures from your staff, and means everyone can enjoy their much-deserved break away.


Secure Your Hotel This Summer With Churchill Support Services

Here at Churchill Support Services, we’re ideally positioned to offer exceptional, adaptable and effective security for hotels of all shapes and sizes. From smaller, boutique venues, through to major chains and large-scale hostels, we’re ideally equipped to provide the support you need.

That extends to those busier seasons too, especially over the summer, or during a Christmas rush. We pride ourselves on service excellence, and there’s no better measure of that than our unparalleled levels of flexibility. Whether you need short-notice reinforcements, or a reimagined security detail ahead of an event, Churchill have you covered.

Get in touch with our in-house experts today to discuss your options for hotel security in much greater detail, and to receive your free, no obligation quotation that’s purpose built with your venue in mind.

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