What Are The Key Fire Safety Services?

Protecting your business and your people are absolutely paramount concerns for any entrepreneur, whether they’re just starting out or they’ve already established a reputation in the industry. Effective security goes a long way towards ensuring safety, but your efforts shouldn’t stop there.

Understanding the importance of effective Fire Safety Procedures, and their place in the modern workplace, is imperative, and leads to the creation of a safer place to work. But what do these Fire Safety Services actually involve, and why are they important?

At Churchill Support Services, we fully understand the importance of clarity for your business, and as trusted, industry-leading providers of fire safety services, we’re committed to helping you better understand exactly what you need. With this article, we’ll break down exactly what Fire Safety Services are, what they involve, and why they’re an essential step for all businesses.


What Are Fire Safety Services?

Fire Safety Services are essential safety procedures which are designed to protect businesses and people from the risks presented by fire. They encompass multiple different aspects, ranging from risk assessments to the maintenance of necessary equipment and safety features.

It’s likely that, if you’ve been a part of the corporate world for any length of time, you’ll have already experienced some form of Fire Safety Services. This could’ve been during a routine fire alarm test, or as part of organising or scheduling in maintenance of extinguishers and emergency lighting.

It’s an integral part of health and safety, and adds a layer of additional protection and security for you, your employees and your premises. All businesses should have some form of Fire Safety services in place, particularly given the range of duties that Fire Safety officers can complete.

Let’s break those responsibilities down in more detail, and why they’re an essential part of ensuring the safety of your business going forward.


What Duties Are Included In Fire Safety Services?

As one of the more diverse roles across all of health and safety in the corporate sphere, there’s many different responsibilities that fall under the jurisdiction of a trained Fire Safety professional. Here’s just a cross-section of the tasks you can expect from tailored Fire Safety Services.


1. Complete Fire Risk Assessment

An effective and robust risk assessment is the base of any successful fire safety service, and with Churchill Support Services, you’ll be guaranteed that your fire risk assessment is completely tailored to you and your business.

As you may or may not know, it’s a legal requirement to ensure that your property has a fire risk assessment in place. Without one, you run the risk of penalties, hefty fines and even prison time in extreme cases.

You can do this yourself, but opting to get this done through a professional fire risk assessment company like Churchill ensures that you’re completely and comprehensively covered, and that any and all risks are identified and accounted for.

Plus, with a well-established company like Churchill, you’ll have comprehensive paperwork to support your compliance with the law, and to provide your staff and any investors with complete peace of mind.


2. Waking Watch Service

As the name implies, a waking watch fire safety service ensures that there’s always a rapid and appropriate response to any and all issues with regards to your premises or your people. This is particularly important if you work in an environment that’s more at risk of fire, which we’ll touch on more in our next section.

With Churchill, we’ll work alongside you to develop a solution that’s not only effective, but that allows for your fire safety procedures to operate in the background with minimal impact on your day-to-day running.

As standard, this is available 24/7, and with our state-of-the-art Communications Centre that’s also 24/7/365, you’ll have ultimate reassurance that your premises and people are in the safest possible hands.

Our Waking Watch personnel will be able to ensure the safe exit of your staff and occupants by checking for any signs of smoke or ignition, as well as clearing the path to any fire escapes or doors. All the staff we provide have extensive training in best practice for fire safety procedures, and are able to provide swift and effective responses to all emergency situations.


3. Fire Alarm Installation & Servicing

Fire alarms are one of the most important lines of defence when it comes to combatting the threat of fire. It’s therefore obvious why fire alarms need to be in top working order to ensure the safety of your premises.

They’re also often connected to sprinkler or dousing systems, which offers a more visible and proactive defence against any active fire situations.

At Churchill, we’re able to offer an all-encompassing service that takes you from the initial designs and planning stage, to the full installation process, right through to maintenance and ensuring that your systems are functioning effectively.

Fire alarm services need to happen on regular basis to ensure the integrity of your system, and by employing a professional Fire Safety Services provider like Churchill Support Services, you can rest assured that your alarms will work as intended.


4. Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

One of the more noticeable elements of protection against the inherent risks of fire in the workplace, fire extinguishers are a necessity in any workplace. They’re a huge part of any fire risk mitigation strategies in any property, and offer practical solutions to any small fires or ignition risks in your workplace.

It makes sense, then, that fire extinguisher maintenance would be an integral part of any Fire Safety Services package. Ensuring the proper functionality and integrity of any fire extinguishers is arguably just as important as having them in the first place.

With Churchill Support Services’ comprehensive fire extinguisher maintenance service as part of their Fire Safety complement, you can breathe safe in the knowledge that all our inspections ensure that your fire extinguishers are up-to-date and meet the servicing requirements set out in the BS5306 standards.


5. Emergency Lighting Installation & Maintenance

As painful as it is to think about, having a plan in place in the event of a fire is just as important as any preventative measures. The chief among these is emergency lighting, which ranges from backlit fire escape signs to additional illumination on corridors that are used in your evacuation plans.

These all contribute towards your business’ readiness for the possibility of an emergency situation, and are an integral part of fire safety in your place of work. With a provider like Churchill Support Services, you’ll have a completely tailormade solution for the Fire Safety Services your business needs.

We’re able to fully install and maintain any emergency lighting you need, as well as provide plans and blueprints on how best to protect your business through effective signage and lighting.


What Businesses Need Fire Safety Services?

As we’ve touched on earlier, all businesses need to have some form of fire safety protocols in place. According to the Government’s guidance on workplace fire safety, these need to be documented in written records if you have more than 5 employees, and they should always be kept track of.

With a range of aspects to consider, spanning emergency exits, fire extinguishers and your evacuation plan, fire safety protocols are an essential but often strenuous part of the business world.

Having dedicated Fire Safety Services is the natural choice for many larger businesses, but there’s certain sectors that often have more need than others for that service. Here’s just a few of the sectors that can make the most of a bespoke Fire Safety package:

  • Construction Sites – With highly flammable materials on-site, and a constant flow of people, vehicles and machinery presenting a more prominent risk of fire, building sites are arguably one of the places most in need of an independent and professional Fire Safety Service.
  • Hotels – Ensuring the safety of your guests as a hotel owner or manager is the most important thing. With bespoke Fire Safety packages like those offered by Churchill Support Services, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your patrons are being kept safe by effective, fully functioning fire safety measures.
  • Hospitals & Care Facilities – With such a large complement of elderly and vulnerable people, fire safety protocols are understandably a point of huge focus for those in the healthcare industry. By outsourcing this to a well-established Fire Safety service provider, you’ll be able to focus much more on providing a continued level of quality care.
  • Industrial Facilities – With “hot work” like welding and soldering providing a much more substantial risk of fire, industrial and manufacturing facilities desperately need Fire Safety professionals to ensure the safe running of their facility, and to implement robust and efficient evacuation plans.

Of course, this is just a cross-section of the different sectors that could arguably see the most benefit from tailormade Fire Safety Services, but with offerings that can be specifically adjusted and modified to ensure that they fit with what your business needs, most different sectors could see a huge improvement by outsourcing their Fire Safety Services.


Why Choose Churchill For Your Fire Safety Services?

As one of the industry’s foremost providers of Fire Safety procedures, we’ve had countless successes over the course of our extensive, 27 year history. We ensure the highest possible standards across all of our inspections, and can provide a solution that understands the importance of keeping your people and your property safe.

We’re fully compliant with the latest UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) regulations, as well as the 2005 Regulatory Reform Order on Fire Safety, both of which are the gold standard for Fire Safety packages.

With our tailored fire safety solutions, we’re able to provide expertly trained Fire Safety professionals, all of whom have significant levels of experience and expertise in ensuring that your property is fully up to code and as safe as it can possibly be.

Plus, Churchill’s all-encompassing service means we’re able to cover all aspects of a comprehensive fire safety service, from the initial installation of the necessary alarms and safety equipment, to subsequent monitoring and integrity checks.

We’re firm believers in placing all our clients at the forefront of everything we do, and we aim to demonstrate that through our round-the-clock, 24/7/365 service that’s unmatched across our industry.

Get in touch today if you’d like to learn more about our tailormade Fire Safety Services, and we’d be more than happy to provide a free, no obligation quote!

Andy Farley

Group Chief Operating Officer

Andy is an experienced operations and sales professional with over 20 years’ experience. As Churchill Support Services Operations Director, Andy is responsible for service delivery to new and existing clients throughout the UK, managing the 24 hour control room, the supervisory team and Operations Managers, and for driving efficiencies and best practice standards within the organisation.