Churchill’s Robust Merger and Acquisition Method

Discover more about our acquisitions process, who we are, and why we represent a bright and prosperous future for your business.

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Churchill’s Robust Merger and Acquisition Method

Discover more about our acquisitions process, who we are, and why we represent a bright and prosperous future for your business.

Who We Are

We’d like to begin by introducing ourselves. We’re Churchill Support Services, one of the UK’s frontrunning security companies, and we’ve offered consistently excellent solutions and packages since our inception back in 1996. That’s seen us climb to the pinnacle of physical and electronic security solutions, with this year bringing further reaffirmations of our successes and achievements.

We’re constantly looking to take that attitude and those continued accomplishments to the next level and to new, exciting ventures, which is what initially prompted us to take the leap into becoming an acquisitive company. That began in March of 2023 with the acquisition of Vanguard Cleaning – a landmark occasion for us as a company, and a sure sign of things to come.

Since then, we’ve gone on to continue that forward-thinking attitude, and with our evolving methodology and seamless approach, you’re always in safe hands.

John Melling discussing Churchill

A Few Words From Our CEO, John Melling

“One of the most integral parts of how we approach the acquisition process is that sense of virtuousness and passion that drives everything we do. I’ve always felt that a strong culture is essential in creating a successful business, and it’s something I’m keen to take forward in every acquisitive move we make.

“While I’m a firm believer that a winning formula for culture transcends industry or sector, we’re also keen to ensure we make lateral, logical moves in these early stages, allowing our expert teams to apply their comprehensive knowledge. With that in mind, we’re looking to acquire in the security sector, including electronics, and the cleaning or facilities management industry.”

John Melling, Group Chief Executive Officer

David Parsons, head of finance and aquisitions

Meet Our Exceptional Financial Team

While our culture offers superb foundations upon which to foster strong working relationships over our acquisitive process, it’s our finance team that truly gets the wheels in motion. Our Group Finance Director, David Parsons, spearheads that department, offering consummate guidance and direction.

David is a Fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants with an impressive 20 year track record working in senior finance roles across multiple sectors. It’s David’s impassioned approach and true dedication, along with that of his exceptional team, that truly ensures an all-encompassing acquisition and integration process.

We are particularly interested in manned guarding, electronic solutions and commercial cleaning businesses that take the same level of pride in their people and culture that Churchill do. We strive for excellence in all that we do, and find that ensuring our values are aligned is the key to a successful acquisition and integration.

our business aqusition win-win approach

Discover Our Win-Win Approach

It’s our fundamental belief that any acquisition should always be of benefit to both parties. That’s something we infuse into each of the acquisitive journeys we go on, with our main focus lying in the smooth and seamless transition to both our senior structure and our pervasive, successful culture. We aim to secure a fuss-free, mutually beneficial process, and we’ll strive for that in all we do.

From your perspective, you’re getting access to a system and a company that’s already got a proven track record, alongside a strong, pre-existing base of clientele which we’d be happy to interweave with your own clients.

Our Group Services support function is available to all Group Companies and can often open the door to opportunities that may have previously been out of reach. As for our point of view, we’re taking the opportunity to broaden our customer base, service capability and market presence, expand what we can offer our customers, and supplement our existing offerings with your superb service.

How we work with our business accquitions

Our Acquisition Mindset Explained

It’s natural that you’d have questions about how we’ll approach the acquisition of your business. Rightly so – you’ve undoubtedly poured your heart and soul into your venture, and making the decision to sell it on can be a stressful one. That’s at the centre of our acquisitions approach, and we’ll consistently aim to make the move as seamless and smooth as possible.

We take a collaborative approach to acquisitions, integration and onboarding, all while acknowledging that you’re the expert when it comes to your business. We pride ourselves on working closely with all business owners to ensure an issue-free transition that benefits all parties involved.

Thatmethodology, coupled with our strong sense of virtues and culture, is something we feel really sets us apart.

Fequently Asked Acquisitions Questions

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