Exceptional Vacant Property Security

Safeguard your premises with security for vacant properties from the UK’s #1 ACS-Approved security company.

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    Exceptional Vacant Property Security

    Safeguard your premises with security for vacant properties from the UK’s #1 ACS-Approved security company.

    Concerned About The Safety & Security Of Your Vacant Property?

    Churchill Support Services are the ideal choice. With over 27 years at the pinnacle of security, and our recently announced position as the UK’s leading ACS-Approved security company, we’ve got the pedigree and the experience to offer comprehensive vacant property security.

    Our robust suite of security services are all perfectly tailormade to ensure the complete safety of your vacant property. Whether it’s a larger-scale property or an unoccupied house, we’ll work tirelessly to provide a solution that’s completely bespoke to your premises and your circumstances.

    Are you looking to hire security guards for your vacant property?

    Superb On-Site Security Guards For Vacant Property

    An absolute essential for securing a vacant property, static or on-site security personnel offer the all-encompassing peace of mind you need when it comes to your premises and your livelihood. Often positioned at strategic points across your site, they’ll be the first responders to any incidents or disturbances at your property.

    It’s long been proven that security personnel are one of the most effective deterrents, and with Churchill Support Services, you’re guaranteed exceptionally trained professionals who’ve got extensive experience in how best to provide complete safety and security for your property.

    Secure your vacant properties with mobile patrols

    Mobile Patrols Offer Complete Vacant Property Security

    Mobile security patrols are crucial for safeguarding vacant properties. They offer comprehensive and highly effective deterrence, as well as regularly scheduled patrols that ensure the security and integrity of your property’s boundaries.

    A physical security presence consistently ensures property safety, especially if you’re planning to leave it vacant for a longer period of time. Our expert mobile security professionals maintain control over access, monitor every area of your property, and swiftly respond to disturbances or unauthorised visitors with appropriate action.

    Secure your vacant property from trespassers with CCTV security

    Halt Trespassers In Their Tracks With Vacant Property CCTV

    CCTV remains one of the most important aspects of security for a vacant property, has evolved significantly, aided by cutting-edge technology and 24/7/365 Communication Centres like our exceptionally professional control room here at Churchill Support Services. It remains an absolutely crucial consideration, especially for safeguarding vacant properties.

    Robust CCTV packages help to deter illegal activities and, when combined with on-site security personnel, significantly enhances your security and ensures they’re able to respond swiftly and effectively to threats. Our expert operators ensure a rapid response to disturbances, and can alert emergency services should it ever be needed.

    Comprehensive key holding & alarm response for vacant properties

    Comprehensive Key Holding & Alarm Response For Vacant Properties

    A key holding and alarm response service, often overlooked when it comes to vacant property security, offers an additional layer of reassurance to complement your existing security measures. As part of this service, we securely store copies of your property’s keys at an undisclosed location, as well as on-site if needed.

    We’re available round the clock to provide unlocking and locking services at your convenience. This not only enhances safety but also relieves you and your staff of the responsibility of safeguarding keys or access fobs, further streamlining your security infrastructure.

    Cutting edge access control services for your vacant property

    Cutting Edge Vacant Property Access Controls

    Access control for vacant properties spans from basic ID badges and fobs to advanced biometric scanning and facial recognition. Not does this offer a more high-tech, comprehensive approach to securing your vacant property, it’s

    Beyond authorising personnel access, it serves as an early warning system for any unauthorised visitors or trespassers. When combined with vacant property security guards, as well as CCTV cameras, you can rest assured that you’ve got everything you need in place to ensure that your vacant property is secured and kept safe year-round.

    Vacant Property Security Benefits

    Ensure your property is protected from squatters and vandals

    Protect your Property

    Vacant properties can be vulnerable to crime. Ensure your property is protected from squatters and vandals with regular inspections and patrols.

    Ensure you comply with insurance requirements

    Comply with Insurance

    Your insurance may be affected if your property is left vacant for a prolonged period. Ensure you comply with insurance requirement with regular inspections.

    Regular inspections of your vacant property can help to detect any structural issues

    Detect Structural Issues

    Regular inspections of your vacant property can help to detect any structural issues before they cause too much damage.

    Our SIA licenced guards will investigate all alarm activations

    Investigate Alarm Activations

    Our SIA licensed guards will investigate all alarm activations, ensuring that any intruders are detected and dealt with appropriately.

    Let Churchill hand your property inspections on your behalf.

    Save Time on Inspections

    Carrying out inspections can be time consuming, especially if you’re managing multiple properties. Let Churchill hand your property inspections on your behalf.

    our team will prepare reports to keep you in the loop about any security incidents

    Regular Reports

    When you choose our vacant property protection services, our team will prepare reports to keep you in the loop about any security incidents or needed repairs.

    Churchill's security services
    Here at Churchill Support Services, we’re exceptionally proud to offer a diverse range of security services and solutions for businesses up and down the UK. From our expertly trained security officers, to sophisticated electronic security solutions, we’re able to provide a robust, tailormade suite of security services no matter what you do.

    Customer Success Stories

    “I would like to express how professional the Churchill staff deployed to our site have been. Many people have tried to access the site, but have always been deterred by the Churchill team. I couldn’t of wished for a better service. Thank you to the team for all your support throughout the project.”

    Roger Butcher

    Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

    “Since the contract mobilisation, the services delivered by Churchill and our dedicated security officers have been above the standards expected. Dean Cain, our allocated Regional Business Manager, has also been a great support throughout to BWSC, our sites operations and to the security staff.” 

    Sam Griffiths

    BWSC Advisor

    “Churchills UK coverage, high degree of flexibility and experienced senior team have resulted in an excellent level of support across our events. Their approach and drive to really understand our events and the type of team they need to deploy at each venue has ensured that our customers and teams truly have a security team that have their safety and security at the forefront of their approach.”

    Buzz Group

    “We appreciate the work Churchill Support Services has done and thank you for your contribution to the successful management of our emergency provision, through which we were able to provide accommodation and support to these often-vulnerable clients.”

    Norwich City Council

    “Churchill have taken over the CCTV monitoring for 12 of our locations. The team have handled the process smoothly and efficiently and we are confident that we are in safe hands. There has been consistent communication between us and the control room and they have taken a lot of the pain away from us and our team”.

    Arena Business Centres

    “Churchill Support Services have been awarded the security contract for our new £32M facility here at Newport. When the facility was opened by HRH Prince Charles, there were a number of VIPs on this day, and the Churchill team worked closely with the Royal Security Team to make the day run smoothly.”

    Why Vacant Property Security Is Essential

    Vacant properties are, perhaps unsurprisingly, a magnet for crime and criminal activity. With vacant properties seeing a greater proportion of the UK’s soaring rates of vandalism, criminal damage, and arson. Recent reports highlight just how scary a reality this is – there were over 500,000 incidents of vandalism last year, and the NFCC placed the nationwide cost of arson at a shocking £1.3 billion.

    Those statistics only tell a partial story, too. There’s multiple, non-human risks that are of equal concern to vacant property owners. These extend to maintenance concerns and inclement weather, which require regular patrols and monitoring to ensure that they stay in presentable shape.

    Frequently Asked Questions On Vacant Properties

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    The ACS Pacesetter accreditation is awarded to the top 15 percent of all SIA Approved UK security providers.

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