CAF Rolling Stock

CAF Rolling Stock

CAF are a multinational group with over 100 years of experience in the supply of comprehensive transit solutions positioned at the forefront of technology for high value added sustainable mobility.

The company is a leader of the railway industry offering one of the most comprehensive and flexible arrays of products in railway related markets, such as rolling stock, components, infrastructure, signalling and services (maintenance, refurbishing and financial services).

CAF Case Study for Churchill Support Services

The Background

CAF offers comprehensive global rail solutions, which in addition to the supply of trains, includes viability studies, civil work, signalling, maintenance and system operation in some cases. By drawing from firmly established technological and human resources, CAF are set for growth in the railway industry raising their stake in the largest and most demanding markets worldwide.

Their products can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of each customer, providing safety, comfort and satisfaction to millions of users throughout the world. CAF offers an extensive range of products covering all types of rolling stock and rail components such as; high speed trains, regional and commuter trains, metros, trams and LRV’s, locomotives and axles and components.

The Challenge

Any manufacturing facility needs to consider robust security measures in order to protect both its people and product, particularly given the scale of the CAF site and the value of the assets contained within the premises this risk becomes increased and a secure environment becomes paramount to the operation. Focus and attention on site needs to look at all risk elements inclusive but not limited to Theft, Vandalism, Fire, Flood, Accidents and Breaches of Confidentiality.

During operational hours there are circa 300 staff working at the facility therefore access control needs to be tight and stringent, and throughout the working day risk to these staff whilst operating needs to be minimised through pro active patrolling of the premises to eliminate threat.

Case Study - The Solution

The Solution

Churchill have implemented a proactive security function on site integrating technology, humans and K9 resources to minimise threat and provide a strong visual presence.

We control access to site via the main gatehouse, the first port of call on arrival at the facility, thus enabling us to screen visitors to the site managing permits to work and visitor movement working closely with the corporate reception desk based within the main building.

Churchill Support Services delivered an experienced Regional Business Manager for CAF Rolling Stock and the regular communication including on site meetings, out of hours audits by Mobile Response Teams and Contract Manager alongside digital live reporting from the bespoke GPRS patrol system on site ensures that at all times the threat of breach is continuously assessed.

Case Study - The Solution

The Solution Continued

Protecting physical security also means protecting information, personnel and product. This is where our knowledge and experience of the ‘current Security climate’ really comes into its own. With our communication with not only local intelligence from law enforcement agencies but nationally we can very quickly identify trends and advise our clients of quick cost effective measures to reduce risk.

As manufacturing becomes increasingly connected, it’s vital that manufacturers adopt more modern security practices that go beyond a traditional perimeter security, Churchill Support Services will continue to partner CAF with innovative measures and procedures as the project evolves to remain at the forefront of Protecting the site, its people and assets.

Case Study - The Result

The Result

Since Churchill Support Services took over the contract at CAF Rolling Stock there has been no reported breaches, Churchill security officers and trained dogs have successfully deterred a number of potential threats and have built a strong relationship with the site management team, staff and local Police force.

A dedicated mobilisation plan was implemented at short notice to ensure the effective protection of the CAF site from day one and the success of this plan was reflected in the month one SLA scoring a faultless result of 100% a great foundation to build upon as the facility grows.

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