Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison is a materials science and manufacturing company specialising in the design and manufacture of a wide variety of labelling and functional materials. Our expertise and global scale enable us to deliver innovative, sustainable and intelligent solutions to customers all over the world.

Avery dennison case study

The Background

Avery Dennison offers a wide range of services to their clients from labelling and packaging all the way through to printer solutions. They are still the industry’s innovator. From their leading R&D facilities around the world to their factory floors, they are composed of remarkably skilled, smart people whose relentless curiosity is matched by a passion for solving customer problems. They possess deep knowledge of the characteristics and nuances of adhesive, paper, and film. Understanding how manipulating a material’s superpower can elevate the whole.

The Challenge

Any manufacturing facility needs to consider robust security and cleaning measures to protect both its people and product, particularly given the scale of the Avery Dennison site and the value of the assets contained within the premises this risk becomes increased and a secure and clean environment becomes paramount to the operation. Focus and attention on site needs to look at all risk elements inclusive but not limited to Theft, Vandalism, Fire, Flood, Accidents and Breaches of Confidentiality.

With a large amount of traffic flowing through the gatehouse, from operational staff through to delivery drivers, the challenge for the security team is to ensure all vehicles granted access have the correct authorisation and are permitted to be on site. The last 18 months have brought further challenges in relation to Covid and the risk of transmission. This has resulted in the Officers having to adapt and oversee new implemented measures and processes on site.

Case Study - The Solution

The Solution

Since Churchill have taken over the security and cleaning of the site, we have built the foundations for a strong security presence and have continued to improve our service delivery.

We control the gatehouse and closely monitor all vehicles entering the plant. This includes ensuring only authorised staff are gaining access using their assigned fobs. Further to this, the Officers in the gatehouse are responsible for checking driver documentation, directing drivers into the correct delivery location, and escalating any issues that require escalation to Avery Dennison staff. They are also in charge of visitor inductions, ensuring all visitors to site have completed the correct paperwork and safety information.

As mentioned above, further processes and policies have arisen from the demands of Covid-19, which has required adaptability from our Officers on site. In response to this, over the last 18 months, our Officers have been responsible for ensuring all Covid paperwork has been completed prior to site attendance and has been signed off by the Plant Manager. Along with implementing and adhering to these additional measures, the Officers have also supported where needed on general social distancing enforcement, compulsory mask wearing and all round Covid safety implementation for all visitors to site.

Case Study - The Result

The Result

Since Churchill took over the contract at Avery Dennison, there has been no significant reported breaches. Our Officers have acted effectively as a deterrent, forming the conduit between visitors and Avery Dennison staff. Throughout the last 12 months our Officers are received positive feedback for their friendly, professional approach.

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