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Connexus Homes

An affordable housing provider of choice in the Herefordshire area, Connexus has been committed to providing good quality homes through a variety of systems and schemes, including the pioneering Rent to Buy, Shared Ownership and HomePoint affordable rentals, since the group was formed in 2017.

Their trademark blend of a caring approach for some of the most vulnerable residents in Hereford, with the efficiency and discerning eye for detail that’s earned them their position as a highly sought-after social housing provider.

Coupled with their ambitious vision for a brighter and more prosperous future for all of the Herefordshire area, it’s clear that Connexus are a company whose interests align closely with those of the local community. 

Connexus Home case study challenges

The Challenge

The challenges that Connexus faced are some of the most complex across a wide range of sectors. With the property’s residents often being more vulnerable or susceptible to the risks that are posed by rental properties, it’s imperative that Connexus’ service goes uninterrupted and incident-free, especially in the colder winter months.

One of the more inherent risks in properties of this nature, especially in the maisonettes that Connexus have become famed for, is fire. Hazards like heaters, electric blankets and other sources of warmth all carry with them the very real threat of fires which can spread rapidly and indiscriminately without proper monitoring and addressal of those issues.

That was further compounded by the urgent need for Connexus to upgrade their fire alarms system to better comply with structure and property regulations. With the current system deemed insufficient, Connexus took it upon themselves to swiftly source a replacement for the fire alarm network.

In the interests of resident safety, and providing an additional layer of reassurance for their diverse residents, Connexus sought out a more dedicated monitoring system for their properties, and settled on a comprehensive Fire Watch package.

Connexus Home case study solution

The Solution

From the get-go, it was apparent that a rapid and effective response was the only course of action. With a complete Fire Watch service needed while systems were brought up to code, Connexus approached Churchill Support Services in late July of 2023.

We acted with the impetus a project of this nature demanded, scheduling in a site visit for just a week later to fully assess what was needed, and to provide the complete sense of reassurance and comfort that both residents and staff would need. This was followed by numerous discussion and roundtables to ensure that everything that needed to be in place was covered comprehensively.

Our experts identified the need for a robust and all-encompassing Waking Watch service while the alarm systems were upgraded, operating on a 24-hour basis, with routine patrols around each individual building to be conducted every half hour. This was coupled with a vehicle designed for emergency response procedures, as well as two welfare units for the on-site officers.

Connexus Home case study results

The Result

In less than a month from Connexus approaching us, we had created a comprehensive, bespoke solution for their site. With such a pressing issue at hand, we were ready when Connexus gave us the go-ahead at 4:25pm on the 23rd August, 2023. By 8pm sharp, we had the requisite 5 officers on site, ready to provide the complete range of services expected from Waking Watch.

Further external surveys found that more stringent Fire Watch services were needed, and within just 4 hours on the 1st September, Churchill were able to mobilise a further 3 officers, bringing the total professionals on-site to 8. This not only spoke to our ability to adapt seamlessly, but to Connexus’ conscientious and caring attitude to their residents.

Our exceptional Waking Watch service provided 24-hour coverage, 7 days a week, allowing Connexus to provide an advanced level of safety for their residents.

Our Head Office team have maintained a great working relationship with Connexus, communicating frequently and in detail throughout the project. This extends to our fantastic Waking Watch officers, who’ve formed great relationships with the tenants, ensuring they feel safe and reassured during an unnerving process.

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