Arena Business Centres
Security Case Study

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    Arena Business Centres
    Security Case Study

    Arena create inspirational, lightfilled working environments that deliver space for every type of business to perform. They work consultatively with every client to ensure they have the right space to help them thrive.  Every centre is managed by a hand-picked team who are there to take care of the small details, so our clients can focus on the bigger picture.

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    The Background

    Arena has been delivering workspace solutions and high-quality offices in prime locations since 2003. Helping clients stay agile and flexible, whilst controlling their costs, Arena offers one fixed monthly fee, flexible licence agreements with short notice periods and the ability to upsize, downsize or move out with ease.

    The Challenge

    As Arena provides high-end office space to their clients, security is a key aspect of the business’s proposition. They wanted to ensure that all clients and their visitors felt safe and welcome, while not feeling intruded upon.

    Whilst they already had CCTV on their sites, their previous monitoring company was not to the high standards Arena expected for every site and its ongoing security.

    Remote CCTV monitoring was the ideal security solution for Arena, as it ensures that their sites are secure at all times without the presence of a security guard. Arena was looking for a company that could accommodate all 12 of their sites, with room to expand in the future. It needed to be a professional company that would deliver the services as expected, providing detailed incident reports and responding to incidents promptly. Churchill was the right candidate for the job.

    Case Study - The Solution

    The Solution

    From the beginning, Arena was impressed with our broad range of services. They initially enquired about our CCTV monitoring, key holding and alarm response and have since used us to service some of their CCTV systems, as well as resolve an issue with one of their NVRs.

    Given the poor service they received from their previous supplier, we wanted to provide all the support they needed, as well as take the stress away from the company. We had a chat with the team at Arena, asking all the right key questions to ensure that we could deliver exactly what they were looking for. We decided to do a staged rollout, taking over 2 sites per week for 6 weeks. This ensured that
    each centre manager knew all the details of the processes and that any issues were resolved promptly. We made sure that communication was clear and consistent throughout the process, establishing a true partnership between us and Arena.

    Case Study - The Result

    The Result

    Monitoring the site 24/7, we ensure that all unauthorised persons are detected and reported back to the team.

    Since we’ve taken over the security provision at Arena, there have been several incidents involving youths or unauthorised vehicles trespassing on their car parks and around their centres. We’ve always responded promptly and completed a full incident report for the team over at Arena.

    One of the main reasons that Arena came to us was the poor communication they received from their previous monitoring station. Since moving to us, we’ve made sure there’s been a clear line of communication to all key members of staff. Our control team, sales executive, the head of operations and the head of IT are all only ever a phone call away, ensuring we’re always on hand if any issues need resolving.

    “Churchill have taken over the CCTV monitoring for 12 of our locations. The team have handled the process smoothly and efficiently and we are confident that we are in safe hands. There has been consistent communication between us and the control room and they have taken a lot of the pain away from us and our team”.