The 25 Most Dangerous Areas In The West Midlands (2024)

The West Midlands, the beating heart of the UK, is home to Britain’s second largest city, Birmingham, the historic Black Country, and boasts spectacular countryside and thriving cultural hotspots in abundance. A significant player in the Industrial Revolution and home to some 5.9 million Brits, arguments as to the superiority of the North and South of England often neglect what is a quietly brilliant region of our country.

Yet, even against a backdrop as rich, historic, and diverse as this, the West Midlands exists under the same shadow cast by criminality as any other region across our shores. Whether you’re looking to lay down roots and start your family, or you’re a budding entrepreneur looking to kickstart their visionary new project, understanding the crime rate for any area is a crucial consideration.

It not only helps inform the area you opt for, but it can also help you make decisions that shape your family or your business’ future, especially with safety and security in mind. That’s an area that Churchill Support Services are intimately familiar with, especially as one of the UK’s leading providers of security solutions.

With our latest deep dive, we’ll break down the most dangerous areas in the West Midlands, highlighting what you’ll want to be aware of for your home and business security, as well as exploring the most recent crime trends and concerning weapon offence figures.


Overview Of Crime In The West Midlands

West Midlands Crime Overview

Perhaps owing to the cluster of built-up urban areas in and around Birmingham, such as Wolverhampton and Coventry, the West Midlands suffers from an overall crime rate of 95.1 offences per 100 people, which corresponds to the 5th worst region in the UK for criminal activity. These figures add up to a total count of 572,937 offences, just shy of similar figures in Yorkshire and the North West.

Like most areas of the UK, theft offences (32%) and violent crime (42%) make up the lion’s share of the region’s crime figures, with public order offences (9%) and criminal damage (9%) remaining steady. However, the region does see greater numbers of sexual crimes (3.5%) and weapon possession (1.7%) than other major urban centres like London, which may cause residents to worry for their personal safety.

However, recent downturns in crime paint a more positive picture of the West Midlands, with an overall decrease of 3% over the last year, including marked falls in public order offences and violent crime. Even then, a startling increase in some crimes such as Shoplifting (30%), which has emerged as a nationwide trend due to the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, demonstrate that not all types of West Midlands crime are following this downward course.


The 25 Most Dangerous Areas In The West Midlands Revealed

See the below list for our ranking of the 25 worst areas for crime across the West Midlands.

25. Walsall

Crime Rate of 111.5 Per 1000 People

One of the largest West Midlands shopping destinations outside of major cities, Walsall’s draws are abundantly clear, particularly for those looking to indulge in retail therapy. What’s not as attractive a prospect, though, is the very real threat of crime, given the troublesome crime rate of 111.5 crimes per 1000 residents. That works out to a startling 31,678 total offences, earning the town a position on this list.


24. Polesworth

Crime Rate of 113.5 Per 1000 People

A small but picturesque country village in Warwickshire, Polesworth lies just outside of Tamworth and enjoys key importance due to its proximity to the M42. Renowned for being the home of several prominent poets, the village celebrates this with a unique trail of poems around the settlement. Unfortunately, the village has a crime rate of 113.5 offences per 1000 people, which amounts to a highly unpoetic 956 crimes.


23. Coventry

Crime Rate of 113.6 Per 1000 People

One of the West Midlands’ most well-known cities, Coventry has its obvious draws for homeowners and businesspeople alike. It’s got an illustrious history as one of the longest-standing large settlements in the country, but it’s Coventry’s modern trappings that bring in its crowds. The city suffers from a crime rate of 113.6 offences per 1000 citizens, with a whopping 41,675 individual counts of criminal activity.


22. Telford

Crime Rate of 116.4 Per 1000 People

Situated on the banks of the River Severn on its journey through Shropshire, and sandwiched between two areas of exceptional natural beauty, you may expect Telford to have a similarly idyllic rate of crime. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, with the town having a crime rate that hovers well above the region’s average at 116.4 crimes per 1000 residents, totalling 16,606 offences.


21. Aldridge

Crime Rate of 118.9 Per 1000 People

A town that’s quintessentially Midlands, Aldridge has its origins in the Industrial Revolution as a hub for coal-mining and production in the infancy of industry. While it once enjoyed a lower rate of crime, perhaps resulting from that hard-working nature the town has become known for, it now sees a much higher rate of crime at 118.9 offences per 1000 residents, which amounts to a troubling 3,208 crimes in total.


20. Dudley

Crime Rate of 118.9 Per 1000 People

The premier market town in the West Midlands, Dudley offers much more than just a retail odyssey. It’s often considered to be the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, and now brings in a steady stream of tourists for its zoo, castle and ancient ruins. What is far less attractive is Dudley’s soaring crime rate – 118.9 crimes per 1000 residents – which almost reaches ten thousand offences at 9,440 individual counts.


19. Oswestry

Crime Rate of 119.9 Per 1000 People

At the very centre of a Shropshire salient that extends into the Welsh heartlands, Oswestry is sometimes considered part of Wales by those living nearby. Being a rural market town, it has a middling population of 17,500, but still boasts unique landmarks including Old Oswestry, an iron age hillfort, and Oswestry Guildhall. The town has a crime rate of 119.9 offences per 1000 people, higher than many nearby Welsh towns with 1,872 total crimes.


18. Stratford-upon-Avon

Crime Rate of 122.7 Per 1000 People

Renowned as the birth and burial place of William Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon has made full use of this distinction by opening various related tourist attractions across the town. These include wondrous museums on both Shakespeare and the Tudors, as well as guildhalls, schoolrooms, and performing arts theatres. Unfortunately, the drama does not end there, with the town having a crime rate of 122.7 offences per 1000 citizens, amounting to a total of 3,741 crimes.


17. Bilston

Crime Rate of 122.8 Per 1000 People

Sandwiched between Wolverhampton, Walsall, and Dudley, the town of Bilston is just one part of the urban sprawl that makes up the county of West Midlands. Historically, the area was built up for coal mining, but has since seen the closure of major industry and transformed to suit the more metropolitan surroundings, which has perhaps contributed to the higher crime rate of 122.8 crimes per 1000 people, which totals 4,254 criminal incidents.


16. Pershore

Crime Rate of 124.1 Per 1000 People

Resting on the banks of the River Avon, Pershore is perhaps best known for its old Anglo-Saxon Abbey, which now serves as a parish church. Beyond that, the highly rural location of the town means it enjoys plenty of greenery, with nature reserves, marinas and sports centres all close by. Unfortunately, the peaceful nature is disrupted by a troublesome level of crime, reaching 124.1 offences per 1000 residents, which corresponds to 1,043 total crimes.


15. Stoke-on-Trent

Crime Rate of 127.5 Per 1000 People

Staffordshire’s most well-known city, and the spiritual home of pottery across the whole of the UK, Stoke-on-Trent is often synonymous with the intrinsic culture of the West Midlands. With a full complement of architectural styles completing the picture, it’s unexpected then that the city has such a soaring rate of crime – 127.5 crimes per 1000 residents – adding up to a worrying 31,755 crimes across the urban area.


14. Kingswinford

Crime Rate of 129.5 Per 1000 People

A town on the very outskirts of Dudley, Kingswinford is nestled comfortably between the West Midlands urban area to its east and the green belt to its west, giving residents a pleasant mix of locales. Unfortunately, some of the crime of the nearby cities has diffused out to this suburb, giving it a crime rate of 129.5 per 1000 residents, which amounts to a total count of 6,723 offences.


13. Leominster

Crime Rate of 130.0 Per 1000 People

As one of the largest settlements in Herefordshire, Leominster is a lone town in a sea of green, surrounded by countryside on all fronts. It enjoys close proximity to the River Lugg, and all the amenities you would come to expect from a rural market town. Despite the rather isolated nature of the town, it suffers from a crime rate of 130 per 1000 people, causing worry for local residents with 1,457 offences being recorded in the last year.


12. Brierley Hill

Crime Rate of 130.8 Per 1000 People

With a storied past in the glass and steel-working industries, Brierley Hill has since modernised, and now plays host to one of the largest shopping centres in the UK. However, with that modernity comes an all-too-modern crime rate of 130.8 crimes per 1000 residents, which amounts to an alarming total count of 4,225 crimes.


11. Wolverhampton

Crime Rate of 132.3 Per 1000 People

One of the more well-known cities in the West Midlands, Wolverhampton encompasses everything from one of the oldest football teams in England in Wolverhampton Wanderers, to a flourishing economy that has its roots in steel production. That all-encompassing nature is offset by a startling crime rate, however – 132.3 crimes per 1000 residents, which raises the total crime count to a whopping 33,209 across the city.


10. Birmingham

Birmingham Crime Stats

Crime Rate of 134.3 Per 1000 People

As the second largest city in the United Kingdom, Birmingham sees its fair share of both visitors and residents. With a plethora of attractions that range from the Bullring shopping centre to the upper tiers of English football, the city undoubtedly has its draws for those interested. Such prosperity and foot traffic also attracts a substantial level of crime, unfortunately, with Birmingham having an overall crime rate of 134.3 per 1000 citizens, which reaches an enormous 152,697 crimes.


9. Wednesbur

Crime Rate of 135.7 Per 1000 People

A highly built-up area located between the major cities of the West Midlands, Wednesbury sees plenty of traffic from its larger neighbours, and boasts a bustling high street with a central clock tower. From art galleries to steelworks, the area’s key buildings reflect the town’s deep cultural and industrial heritage. However, an increasing crime rate of 135.7 offences per 1000 residents spells trouble for the area, with 5,131 total incidents of crime over the last year.


8. Droitwich Spa

Crime Rate of 135.8 Per 1000 People

While Droitwich Spa may seem unremarkable at first glance, the spa town boasts unique attractions such as the soothing lido that gives residents and visitors a cooling bathing experience and the rock salt and brine industry that was historically extracted by both the Romans and Anglo-Saxons. In recent times, Droitwich’s crime level has risen to 135.8 per 1000 people, indicating a far less soothing environment with 5,131 total offences across the serene spa town.


7. Bromsgrove

Crime Rate of 138.0 Per 1000 People

Just northwest of our previous entry in Droitwich, Bromsgrove is a modest market town with a population reaching over 30,000. It has a strong industrial heritage, with a long history in manufacturing simple materials like cloth and nails, which contrasts significantly with some of the more elaborate industrial towns nearby. Regardless, the town can match them for crime, suffering from 138 crimes per 1000 citizens, which reaches a shocking total of 4,034 offences.


6. Smethwick

Crime Rate of 138.6 Per 1000 People

Smethwick’s history is heavily grounded in its connections to industry, with much of the town’s centre and current businesses having roots that go back much further than many. Unfortunately, as the town’s economy has expanded, so too has its crime rate, which currently sits at 138.6 crimes per 1000 residents, and measures up to a total of 6,680 offences.


5. Tipton

Crime Rate of 141.4 Per 1000 People

A town that played one of the most pivotal roles in the Industrial Revolution, and the birthplace of the steam engine, Tipton has one of the more decorated pasts of any area in the West Midlands. However, that’s tarnished significantly by the town’s soaring crime rate of 141.6 crimes per 1000 residents, which amounts to a deeply concerning 5,484 total incidents of crime.


4. Bedworth

Crime Rate of 142.8 Per 1000 People

One of Warwickshire’s quaintest market towns, Bedworth’s lengthy border with neighbouring Coventry means they’re often bundled together. Not only does that downplay the natural beauty and attractions of Bedworth, but it also means the higher rates of crime is often not considered. Sadly, the area sees a substantial crime rate of 142.8 per 1000 residents, which may worry local residents with a total incident count of 4,376 crimes.


3. Oldbury

Crime Rate of 143.3 Per 1000 People

Being surrounded by urban areas that suffer from a high rate of crime themselves, it’s no surprise that Oldbury is on par and even surpasses nearby areas in criminal activity. This is further compounded by the retail boom over the past few decades with hyper markets and retail parks being opened and resulting in more shoplifting. Consequently, Oldbury’s crime rate has now risen to 143.3 per 1000 people, which amounts to a grand total of 6,474 crimes.


2. Evesham

Crime Rate of 146.0 Per 1000 People

Situated in a valley of the same name and being constructed around a turning point in the River Avon, Evesham has a rich history. Not only has it been the site of a major battle, but the market town was also the home of one of the largest abbeys in Europe, which has now been destroyed. This perhaps spelt bad news for modern day Evesham, with the town suffering from a crime rate of 146 offences per 1000 citizens, which adds up to 4,043 individual counts.


1. Brownhills

Crime Rate of 151.5 Per 1000 People

As a relatively small settlement in the West Midlands, it might come as a surprise that Brownhills ranks as the most dangerous area in the region. The town used to have a strong mining industry, commemorated by a 46 feet statue of a coal miner, but the collapse of the industry led to an economic slump, which may have contributed to the predicament Brownhills finds itself in today. With a crime rate of 151.5 offences per 1000 people, Brownhills is officially the worst area for crime in the West Midlands, with a total count of 3,126 crimes.


Key Crime Trends Across The West Midlands

Key Crime Trends Across The West Midlands

In addition to the most recent crime figures, we also examined the stats of previous years to learn the important trends taking place across the region. The most positive news to come from our research that crime in the area has fallen by 3% overall, which no doubt brings a sigh of relief to many local residents. While that decrease isn’t as dramatic as some may have preferred, it does set the stage for possible further reductions over the next few years.

As always, however, the devil is in the detail. One key crime remains sharply on the rise across the West Midlands, with shoplifting seeing a shocking 30% increase in frequency. Theft offences, including burglary and theft from the person, have also risen by an alarming 13%. It’s worth noting that these figures are reflected across the entire country, with the ongoing cost-of-living crisis leading to strained wallets as the most cited explanation.

As for falling figures, most crimes in the region have seen a decline, whether that be by 1% or 5%. Some of the most drastic decreases include stalking and harassment (down by 13%), public order offences (down by 12%), and violent crime (down by 8%). Hopefully these downwards trends will further improve over subsequent years, but regardless, we will continue to monitor the state of crime across the West Midlands.


Weapon Offences Across The West Midlands

Weapon Offences Across The West Midlands

As a hot button issue that inspires much debate and emotion, the frequency of weapon crime is vital to understanding and preventing the most serious incidents that the police face.

Unfortunately, knife crime remains largely unchanged from previous years, with an increase of less than 1% since 2022. That correlates to just one extra incident of knife crime in 2023, and while it may be comforting to see no major increase, it is equally discomforting to see no significant decrease. Accordingly, it becomes clear that knife and sharp weapons incidents will remain a problematic occurrence across the region, and raises the possibility of further, more detrimental increases.

However, gun crime statistics paint a more positive picture, with a sizeable decrease of 9% in firearm-related incidents since the previous year. As something that can have truly horrific consequences in worst-case scenarios, it is fortunate to see less guns being found the streets of the West Midlands.

How Do Churchill Source Our Data?

In the interests of providing an entirely fair and unbiased look at crime in the West Midlands, we are committed to being open about our researching process. We acquire all data from open-source police reports, and express this as a ratio of crimes per 1,000 people living in that area. This lets us to take into account key considerations like population and area size, while still helping you make a smart decision about your West Midlands security and safety.

Our data is taken from the last year, encompassing both the overall picture of crime in the area and breaking that down into different crime types and percentage changes from previous years. Additionally, our articles are updated every 6 months to ensure you have the most recent information to keep you informed and ahead of the curve when it comes to West Midlands crime.

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