Why A Long Term Security Solution Is Key In Your Business Strategy

There’s no denying that security makes up a crucial part of any business plan. You’re naturally going to want to protect the assets you’ve worked so hard to build from the ground up, and a physical security solution is the clear choice when it comes to guaranteeing the safety of your business, your people and your livelihood.

That’s where a security package, and particularly one that’s more long-term in scope, comes in. It creates a more sustainable and reliable sense of that security that’s essential in ensuring your continued peace of mind.

At Churchill Support Services, we’ve got 27 years’ experience in delivering both short- and long-term solutions that are robust and comprehensive in their approach. Over that time, we’ve consistently found that longer term options provide that stability that many business owners look for in their investments.

With this article, we’ll explore in more detail why that is, what longer term security solutions offer, and how they can ultimately form a core part of your strategy and your vision for the future.


What Does Long Term Security Involve?

While it may seem self-explanatory, it’s crucial that we define what we mean by “long term security”. With so many overlapping and often conflated terms, it’s important to learn exactly what we mean when we refer to extended or sustained security solutions.

Long-term security refers to any security solution that’s in place for an extended period of time. This could be due to a persistent security threat (such as a high crime rate in the area), to maintain a professional appearance, or because of particularly high value assets on site.

There’s often multiple different aspects that combine to ensure a more complete long-term service, including:

  • Static Security Guarding – These will often be positioned in strategic points throughout your premises, and ensure that your property is kept secure.
  • Mobile Security Patrols – These are particularly important for larger sites, and can ensure the safety and integrity of your site’s perimeter.
  • CCTV Systems – A mainstay of any security solution, CCTV offers a comprehensive monitoring solution that ensures you’re always aware of who’s on your premises, and what they’re doing.
  • Gatehouse Security – Essential for sites with open entrances and barriers (such as business estates or warehouse complexes), these guards will monitor the gates to your premises and keep track of the flow of any authorised traffic.
  • Access Control Systems – A must-have for the modern office, a sophisticated access control system allows for full tracking of who comes and goes, as well as complete protection against unauthorised visitors.

Of course, all sites will have many different requirements, and each will require a bespoke solution to fully ensure that all of their needs are met, and that the premises remains secure throughout the year.

This is something we’re intimately familiar with here at Churchill Support Services, and that we’re firm believers is a necessity for your business going forward. Let’s explore some of the key reasons why a long-term security solution is key for your business strategy.


7 Key Reasons For Implementing Long Term Security

While we’ve discussed what a long term security package will look like, and how these protective measures form the crux of keeping your premises safe, there are multiple reasons why an extended security solution is essential for your business.

We’ll break down just 7 of the biggest reasons why a long-term security package makes both fiscal and safety sense.


1. Deter Criminals At The First Hurdle

A robust security presence has shown time and again that it’s the most effective preventative measure that a business can implement. That’s something the latest research supports, too – implementing security guarding shows a distinct correlation with a reduced rate of crime, and more criminals apprehended.

To those working in the security industry, this will come as no surprise. A complete security package that encompasses both static and mobile security guarding has long been touted as the ideal solution for the vast majority of sites.

Combining these more conventional security methods with cutting edge CCTV technology, you can rest assured that your site has the maximum level of coverage, as well as an additional layer of deterrence.

Not only does manned guarding work as a deterrent for any potential criminals or trespassers, it’ll also help to actively stop those who do make that move from possible intruder to an opportunistic thief or vandal.

Security guards have the capacity to effectively deal with any intrusions, and liaise with the emergency services should it be necessary in the circumstances. While it’s something your security officers will work tirelessly to avoid, this can happen, and it’s reassuring to know that they’re trained to respond even in the most desperate of times.


2. Long Term Security Fosters Strong Relationships

Opting for longer-term security solutions not only ensures you’ve always got the peace of mind that professional security guarding brings with it, but it’ll also mean that you can start to build a firm bond with those who secure your premises.

This is crucial in more practical aspects – your security personnel should be intimately familiar with your premises. That should always extend to:

  • All entrances, exits and points of access (such as rooftop hatches)
  • The building’s floorplan
  • Key positioning points for static security guards
  • Any known or suspected vulnerabilities
  • The site’s perimeter, and any neighbours

Outside of those more practicable aspects of your security service, having a consistent security presence on your site (especially over an extended period of time) allows you to develop a stronger relationship.

This further strengthens the trust you’ll already have in any security officers on site. While you can rest safe in the knowledge that they’ll have had all the right training through the SIA, it also helps to get to know them on a more personal level.

The same can be said of any staff on site – a constant security presence builds that level of trust, and means your employees are more likely to go to them if there’s any issues or concerns over the safety of your premises.


3. Effective Security Can Boost Client Trust

While you’ll naturally be more focused on protecting your tangible assets and staff, it’s equally important to consider how having a comprehensive long-term security solution in place at your premises can convey the right impression to your customers or clients.

Naturally, the major elements of building the brand image you want all fall down to you and your vision – how you market yourself, how you structure your company, and the moves you make are all your decision. However, it’s long been posited that your security solutions should be given equal consideration.

While security often blends into the background for the majority of customers and clients, it’s an unconsciously reassuring presence. That’s particularly true of major retail stores and supermarkets, which will usually have security tactically positioned at the entrances and exits of the premises.

By employing superb long-term security personnel, you’ll ensure that the good impression you’ve worked so hard to create is maintained, and that it’s clear you’ve got the safety of your business and your clients at the forefront of your mind.


4. Long Term Security Provides Unparalleled Reliability

While short-term security solutions undoubtedly have their place in the field, they often lack the reliability and constancy of a more long-term solution.

In our extensive experience, we’ve found that shorter-term security packages are best applied to projects that have a quicker turnaround time (such as minor building works), or that are in a knee-jerk response to a particular issue (a break in, for example).

Long-term security is most effectively deployed where there’s a consistent and ongoing need for a security package. This includes:

  • Lengthier or more complex construction projects, especially those that involve expensive equipment
  • Areas where crime is a pressing or rising concern
  • Residential properties, such as care homes, hotels and hostels
  • Security for schools and educational facilities
  • Warehouses, manufacturing plants, logistics and distribution centres, and industrial properties
  • Corporate offices and buildings
  • Business parks and estates

All of these sites, and many others besides, are ideal candidates for long-term security solutions. They not only need a more robust plan to consistently be implemented, but they call for a certain degree of reliability, especially where there’s a danger of crime.

This is what longer-term security packages offer over their shorter-term counterparts – you can rely more heavily on that level of dependability, and be guaranteed an unwavering degree of quality and stability that’s available across your contract and beyond.


5. Expert Long-Term Security Incorporates Access Control

While we immediately associate physical security with guards, vehicles and even canine patrols, there’s actually much more to it than meets the eye. Your average outsider won’t ever see even half of the measures you put into place as part of an average long-term security solution.

A key (and often overlooked) component of this is a cutting edge access control system, which can help keep track of those who enter and leave your premises, as well as keeping certain areas off-limits to your visitors.

You’ll likely have encountered this already in more traditional forms. A great example of it in action is keypad locks, which are often in place in industrial facilities or warehouses, as well as fob or ID pass scanners, which limit access to staff areas in retail premises, for instance.

In modern times, these solutions have evolved alongside the business sphere, and a long-term security solution takes full advantage of those. Advanced technology like biometric scanning and facial recognition are starting to become commonplace, especially in areas that are subject to heavy restrictions (data storage and medical facilities, for instance).

This sophistication works harmoniously with more physical measures of security, offering a comprehensive and all-encompassing package that offers unmatched peace of mind.


6. More Security Equates To Lower Insurance Premiums

Doubtless a factor in your business plans, your insurance coverage is paramount in ensuring that your business not only stays afloat, but that it’s able to thrive in what can often be a difficult landscape to traverse.

It’s also a legal requirement for the vast majority of businesses, with different types of coverage needed dependent on your sector, your business type, and the services you offer or plan to offer in the future.

One of the more surprising benefits of having a long-term security solution on your site is its ability to lower the cost of your insurance bill by a significant amount. This is usually down to the fact that you’re less likely to make claims for damaged or stolen property, so insurers can offer a lower rate because there’s less chance they’ll need to pay out.

When you first invest in a long-term security solution for your business, you won’t see an immediate decrease – instead, you’ll have the leverage to negotiate a lower rate when you come to renew, and by providing evidence of how a long term security package has benefitted you, you’ll be able to move to a cheaper rate.

This evidence could come in the form of detailed reports from gatehouse staff, incident reports from your mobile security patrols, or from the details of any security equipment installation plans. All of these can contribute towards lowering the rate you pay for your insurance package.


7. Longer Term Security Provides Ultimate Peace Of Mind

It can never be understated how much reassurance a security package can provide. It removes the stress that’s often associated with security breaches, and ensures that your business is in safe hands whether you’re there or not.

As a business owner, you’re likely concerned with every aspect of your enterprise, and for good reason – you’ve doubtless invested time, effort and considerable funds into developing your enterprise into what you want it to be.

A longer-term security strategy removes the pressures and worries that often come bundled with exposure to the risks that effective security prevents, such as criminal activity, trespassing and theft. It also frees you up to focus on what matters – developing your business, and taking your enterprise to new heights.


Choosing Churchill For Long Term Security

Now that we’ve established why you’d opt for a long-term solution for your business, it’s crucial that you opt for the industry leader. At Churchill, that’s exactly what you’ll get – we’ve recently been unveiled as the #1 ACS-Approved Security Company, out of over 800 companies across the UK.

We’re fully committed to providing a comprehensive, custom-built solution for your business’ long-term security plans, ranging from our expertly trained on-site security, to our 24/7/365 Communications Centre that’s constantly in control of your site’s digital solutions in its cameras and access control options.

We’ve been at the very forefront of security for our entire 27 year history, and that’s testament to the tailormade services we provide for every contract we undertake. We work diligently to create a solution that takes into account everything you’ll need from long-term security, and that matches perfectly with your budget.

If you’d like to learn more about what we can offer your company, and how our bespoke solutions are the ideal way forward into long-term security, get in touch with our knowledgeable team today. We’ll also provide a free, no obligation quote once we’ve discussed your business’ needs at length, so you can make an informed decision.

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