The People First Pledge – Churchill’s Commitment To Excellence

We’ve long stood by our commitment to a People First approach here at Churchill Support Services. There’s a reason it’s one of our 3 core virtues, held since our inception over 27 years ago. We are truly committed to placing our employees and people – the lifeblood of all that we do – at the forefront of every project we undertake.

One of the things we’re conscious of, though, is that it can often be difficult to put across just how dedicated we are to that initiative. As much as we know that’s something we aim to imbue into everything, it can be invisible in an outsider’s perspective. That’s why, when we can, we love to shout from the rooftops about our exceptional people.

That’s best exemplified by our monthly dialogues with all of our officers. Not only do these figures offer a concrete representation of our People First approach, they’re something we build into everything we do here at Churchill Support Services.

With our latest article, we’ll break down all key statistics from the latest report, and why they fill us with confidence for a bright and prosperous future.


How Our Officer Welfare Scoring System Works

We used a rigorous and comprehensive scoring system to ensure that we represent our employees fairly. It’s no good claiming we’re a People First company if we don’t represent our data fairly, and that’s something we took forward into our welfare surveys.

We opted to measure this virtuosity by 4 different tenets:

  • Employee Happiness – An indicator of how satisfied our officers are in their role, and how fulfilled they feel in what they do.
  • People First – How much our officers feel as though they matter, and they’re cared for by Churchill.
  • Employee Excellence – The quality and passion with which our officers carry out their duties, whether that’s mobile or static guarding, CCTV monitoring, or event security roles. This is measured by our senior management, and our Mobile Services teams.
  • Site Excellence – This measures how effectively our sites are equipped to carry out the fundamentals, such as the necessary procedures for evacuation and emergencies, health and safety processes, and incident reporting.

We then used a 4 point scale for measurement and numerical data, converted into percentages:

  • A rating of 1 or 25% equated to an opinion of Strongly Disagree. For instance, if someone rated our People First approach as a 1, it would score 25%, and show that we didn’t demonstrate that virtue at all. This would flag and trigger immediate next measures, and we’d look to demonstrate considerable improvement month-on-month to address any inherent problems.
  • A rating of 2 or 50% was equivalent to an opinion of Disagree. As an example, if someone gave our Site Excellence a 2, it scored 50%, and meant that we still had some way to go before our site could be considered excellent. This could be in terms of revisions to assignment instructions, or adjusted health and safety protocols. As part of this, we’d undertake a dynamic risk assessment, and implement new or revised solutions where necessary.
  • A rating of 3, or 75%, was what we assigned to Agree. For example, if someone gave a 3 for Employee Happiness, they’re happy, but there’s things we can address to ensure our people are happier.
  • A top rating of 4, equal to 100%, meant the officer Strongly Agreed. A score of 4 in Employee Excellence means that our officer demonstrated excellence across all they do, and the service provided was exceptional.

These were taken from a huge variety of officers, employees and security professionals across 5 different areas:

  • Our Head Office
  • Our sites in the North
  • Our sites in the Midlands
  • Our sites in the South
  • Our events personnel (based UK-wide)

We aimed for a comprehensive cross-section across each of those regions as we felt this not only best represented our allegiance with a People First approach, but that it gave a more true representation of our diverse officers and security personnel, too.


A Complete Overview Of Our Average Scores

We’ll begin by looking at our overall averages, before splitting it down in our next section by region. These amalgamate every region, and every officer who undertook our survey, and offer a complete overview, broken down into our own officers.

Let’s first look at Churchill’s own employees. These scores were overwhelmingly positive, with everything scoring above 90% across the four different metrics we mentioned earlier. Here’s a full breakdown:

Churchills average results score

All of these are standout stats, but we’d draw your attention to our particularly strong score in Employee Excellence (96.88%), which speaks volumes towards how dedicated and focused our in-house team truly are, from Sales & Marketing, through to the People Team and our Communications Centre.

We’ll of course look to improve these – any score below 100% still has scope for changes and tweaks – but they’re a huge point of pride and appreciation for those who pour passion and enthusiasm into everything they do.


Churchill’s Stellar Scores Split Down By Category

While our averages give a good indication of the extremely positive trajectory we find ourselves on, and how we provide for both our own staff members and our service providers, they only tell a partial story.

We’ve looked at each different metric in detail, discussing any particularly illuminating figures, and areas we’re particularly proud of, as well as anywhere we can seek to improve.


Key Statistics On Our Employee Happiness

Employee happiness score

One of our most cherished statistics is how happy our employees are. We don’t just pay lip service to this, either – we’re fully committed to creating a much more inclusive workplace, and one that prioritises ensuring people are happy, comfortable, and able to share and collaborate. It’s one of the key driving forces behind our recent robust mental health programme.

We’re firm believers that happier people do better work, and that’s something we’ve already seen firsthand over our time at the very peak of the security sector. While we’ve got exceptional scores here, it’s an ongoing effort, and we’ll always prioritise the happiness of everyone here at Churchill Support Services.

We’ve given a comprehensive overview of our employee happiness here across the business, but we’ll be delving deeper into our statistics later on in this piece in order to provide a complete insight.


The Full Insight Into Our People First Approach

People first scores

As one of our central virtues, it’s absolutely integral we got this right. We seek to embody a People First approach across all we do, and these statistics can now act as a concrete example of our dedication, our commitment and our desire to see everyone excel.

This is a catch-all term. It not only ensures that everyone feels as though they matter, and that they have a bearing on shaping the future of this company, but that they’ve always got somewhere to turn if they have an issue.

All that remains now is to uphold those as we continue our meteoric progression, and find new and innovative ways to offer the progressive opportunities we’ve become well known for, and that our staff have become accustomed to.


The Lowdown On Our Employee Excellence Statistics

Churchill's employee excellence scores

Truth be told, these statistics didn’t come as a surprise to us. Throughout our history, we’ve always connected the right people with the right positions, and in areas where we know they can be truly spectacular.

However, it’s absolutely essential that we highlight just how incredible these are. With no statistic dipping below 95%, and an overall average of 96.88%, it’s clear that our employees aren’t just matched perfectly with their role –  they’re exceptional in all they do.

We are exceptionally proud of everyone, regardless of where they are in the business, and throughout the UK. We’re fully committed to recognising everyone who makes Churchill the amazing place to work that it is, and the officers and security personnel who embody each one of our core virtues.

Our Site Excellence Figures Unveiled

Churchill's site excellence scores

An area we’re always looking to refine and hone is how our sites perform. It’s an integral part of what we do, and it encompasses so many different aspects of the incredible service we provide. That extends to:

  • Site Assignment Instructions
  • Risk Assessments
  • Health & Safety Guidelines
  • Key Welfare Requirement (such as heating, lighting, and toilet facilities)

Our statistics here are truly exceptional. We of course strive to ensure that all of our sites are more than adequately equipped, but to have irrefutable evidence of that is fantastic. It shows that we don’t just talk the talk when it comes to our site provisions – we walk the walk, too.


What These Stats Mean For The Future

Of course, seeing and appreciating these statistics in the present is one thing – it’s another thing entirely to understand how they can shape a successful future for everyone here at Churchill Support Services.

We look at these statistics and, while we’re naturally keen to celebrate them, it offers an interesting insight into what we have planned for the future. They offer numerous avenues of success and of worthy admiration, but they also illustrate just how hard we need to work to maintain those standards.

That’s the key takeaway here, then. In much the same way as we retained our exceptional, industry-leading ACS score, we need to work consistently to ensure that we keep up those same levels of excellence across all the categories you’ve seen here.

Here’s to an exciting and fruitful future at the forefront of security!

John Melling

Group Chief Executive Officer

John has a proven track record for motivating and leading high performance teams and has helped mentor and develop many people at Churchill who now hold key or senior positions within the business. John is committed to delivering only the finest services, exercising compelling leadership, maintaining good internal morale and striving to resolve any challenges efficiently and effectively.