What Is Manned Security Guarding? Definition & Responsibilities

Securing your business or property can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’re relatively new to the field or you’re uncertain of the services your premises might need. Plus, with such a wide range of provisions available, understanding the key terminology of the industry is absolutely imperative.

That’s why Churchill Support Services are committed to removing the jargon from the security industry, and providing services that are not only comprehensive and effective, but that simplify the process so you can focus on what’s most important.

We’ll break down everything you need to know about manned security guarding, why it’s a crucial component of many different security packages, and what you can expect from the security guards on your site.


What Is Manned Security Guarding?

At its core, manned security guarding means any service that provides static or stationary security guards who monitor or secure a specific area of your property. These will usually be in areas of high traffic (such as the front entrance or reception), but can be deployed wherever you feel they’re most needed.

They’re most often there to prevent unauthorised or unwanted access, but they’re a great layer of protection for high-value assets or property.

Many people who opt for manned guarding on their property will require these guards overnight, as both a strong deterrent to criminals, but also for that additional peace of mind that security guards can afford you. They might also be necessary during the day, especially if you’re operating a shop or retail premises during a busy period, and need protecting for both staff and stock.

Thanks to their expansive skillset (which we’ll explore in more detail in our next section), security guards are also highly in-demand for events, particularly those where there’s alcohol or large numbers of people involved.


What Are The Responsibilities Of Manned Security Guards?

Now that we’ve fully established what manned security guarding involves, we’ll break down just a few of the key responsibilities that security guards have as part of their role.


1. Securing Your Premises

The most basic duty for security guards, ensuring the safety and security of your property is the most common reason behind why many people choose to employ manned security in the first place. It’s an absolutely crucial duty in the job description of a security guard, and it’s a key area of focus for many.

As part of the process of securing your site, your manned security guards can:

  • Lock doors, windows and other entry points – It should go without saying, but securing your premises is a key duty undertaken by your security guards. Checking your doors and windows are locked, as well as any other necessary precautions.
  • Secure barriers– If you’re looking to secure a business park, for instance, ensuring that any barriers are set in the correct position is essential. This might involve locking down a keypad for entry, or using a key or fob to ensure the barrier can’t be raised.
  • Man a guardhouse – This duty often goes hand-in-hand with monitoring barriers, but monitoring the site from a guardhouse or welfare facility can reasonably be expected of your security guards.

As we’ve touched on, this is often the most fundamental part of the security guard role, and forms the core of any manned security services you’ll receive.


2. Investigate Any Disturbances On Site

While your security guards will do their utmost to ensure the complete safety and security of your premises, disturbances can and do happen. In those scenarios, your manned security personnel can investigate the cause of that disruption, and deliver appropriate action.

This not only means you’re fully protected across every possible scenario, but also that you can rest assured your site is in the safest possible hands, even if there’s multiple possible areas where intruders could enter.

Although it’s true that many disturbances may turn out to be nothing at all, conscientious security guards will investigate all of them with the same level of professionalism and industry.


3. Respond To Any Alarms Raised

There’s little worse than the sinking feeling we experience when an alarm sounds. It’s little wonder, then, that the ability to respond to any alarms on site is one of the most in-demand duties of manned security guarding personnel.

As part of this, a security guard will be able to investigate the cause of the alarm, and take the appropriate action to ensure that the situation is alleviated in a timely and effective manner. They’ll also be able to deactivate the alarm once the threat has been deal with.

This can then be logged and passed on to the site owners or manager, so the necessary course of action can be followed.


4. Liaise With The Necessary Emergency Services

It’s not pleasant to think about, but should the worst happen and your site is affected by crime, it’s an additional layer of reassurance to know that your manned security personnel can deal effectively with the relevant emergency services.

This encompasses both providing any relevant emergency service representatives with the information they need about the site, and liaising with them throughout any investigation process, especially if there’s been damage or theft.

Opting for security guards from Churchill ensures that the security guards you have are well-versed in liaising with the emergency services, with specialist training on the topic.


5. Enforce Health & Safety Procedures

As tedious as it might be to deliver health and safety lectures, it is an absolutely integral part of the modern workplace, and especially so in keeping those who visit your site safe and secure in anything they do.

That’s where effective security guards can come into play. Specially trained to understand your site-specific health & safety procedures and rules, these expertly trained security professionals can ensure that all of your protocols are adhered to by everyone on your premises.

This can even include any guests or visitors who might not be as familiar with any specific rules you have in place.


6. Keep A Log Of All Site Traffic

This is a huge benefit if you’ve got a particularly active premises, such as a construction site or a large warehouse or distribution centre. Manned security guards can keep a detailed log of those wo come and go, which not only helps with any necessary paperwork, but can be a massive advantage in the battle against corporate theft.

For instance, if you’ve got a regular stream of vehicles or people visiting your site, maintaining a detailed log can ensure that, should the worst happen and you’re a victim of theft, you can narrow down any suspects immediately.

It also ties closely with our previous responsibility, in that a detailed record of those who are on your premises at any given time is crucial for fire safety, as well as in the event of an emergency.


7. Manage & De-escalate Conflict

While you might assume that your site is completely free of any conflict risks, there’s an inherent danger wherever there’s people present. And, although physical conflict is still rare, it’s a huge comfort to have security personnel who can respond swiftly and effectively to any heated situation.

This is of particular importance if you’ve got a heavily trafficked premises where personalities or people might clash, or a highly volatile environment such as a hospital or busy events venue.

Security guards from Churchill all have specialised training in managing and de-escalating conflict, and can deploy that expertise to ensure that your site stays as safe and secure as possible.


Where Are Manned Security Guards Needed?

In truth, there’s no simple answer to this question. As one of the UK’s leading providers of robust security solutions across a wide range of sectors, we’ve seen first-hand just how much of a positive impact that manned security can have.

However, we also acknowledge that there’s certain scenarios where manned security is of much greater benefit than it otherwise might be. Here’s just a few example scenarios:

  • On a business or retail park – Usually deployed in a guardhouse or small cabin, these security guards will monitor the entrance to the area, and keep track of the flow of visitors to ensure a safe and secure atmosphere at all times.
  • At the entrance to a construction site – Construction sites are massive targets for thieves and trespassers. Effective security guards, positioned at the entrance to site or at strategic points on the premises, help mitigate the risks that site owners could see.
  • In hospitals or medical facilities – One of the more at-risk environments, and arguably where security personnel is most needed, are medical facilities like clinics or hospitals. Of particular note are the ability to de-escalate conflict (emotions often run high in hospitals) and the prevention of theft or intrusion.
  • At warehouses or distribution facilities – Typically filled with high-value merchandise, warehouses are a clear target for opportunistic thieves. By employing static security guards, you’ll be able to minimise the risks of theft and loss of business.

While these are just a few of the more in-demand areas for manned security, it’s equally true that almost all businesses and sectors could benefit in some way from the presence of security personnel on their site.

Ultimately, much of this comes down to the individual needs of your unique premises or business, and with Churchill’s tailored approach to security, you’ll always have the exact coverage you need.


Why Choose Churchill Support Services For Your Manned Guarding?

With an extensive 27 year history in the security industry, Churchill Support Services are ideally positioned to provide tailormade, exceptional quality manned guarding services for your business or premises.

We’ll start with a full consultation, discussing your site’s specific needs and demands in terms of security, and how we can comfortably accommodate the guarding schedule you need us to cover. This allows us to learn about your sector, the individual challenges of securing your premises, and how we can best action that.

We’ll then provide you with highly knowledgeable, expertly trained guards who are familiar with the local area, and where necessary has any industry-specific experience. A great example of this would be our Weighbridge and Banksman-trained personnel, who are ideally suited to work on a construction site.

All of this is in addition to 24/7/365 support from our cutting edge Communications Centre, ensuring that your security personnel are in constant contact with our expert operatives, and are fully supported with everything they might need.

With our stellar reputation, and our extensive network of SIA-trained security operatives, Churchill Support Services are the clear choice when it comes to securing your premises with superb manned guarding services.

Andy Farley

Group Chief Operating Officer

Andy is an experienced operations and sales professional with over 20 years’ experience. As Group Chief Operations Director, Andy is responsible for service delivery to new and existing clients throughout the UK, managing the 24 hour control room, the supervisory team and Operations Managers, and for driving efficiencies and best practice standards within the organisation.