Luton CCTV Security

Need CCTV in Luton? Keep watch for suspicious and criminal activity with by our Luton CCTV installation and surveillance services.

  • Effective Security for 24/7 Protection
  • Rapid Response Rate to Alarms and Disturbances
  • Highly Trained SIA Licensed Luton CCTV Security Solutions

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    Luton CCTV Security

    Need CCTV in Luton? Keep watch for suspicious and criminal activity with by our Luton CCTV installation and surveillance services.

    Looking For A Luton CCTV Security Service?

    With our diverse range of CCTV and imaging services, we can equip your Luton business with a full CCTV security solution that can safeguard your site, assets and people against crime. From installation to monitoring services, our professional team can ensure there’s an expert team watching over your site 24/7/365.

    Whether you’re existing CCTV needs updating, require a proactive monitoring solution or are looking for an entirely new system, we can help your Luton organisation achieve its security objectives with our expert advice and CCTV service.

    In addition to our CCTV services, we can also deploy sophisticated point of entry thermal imaging to help defend your business against virus outbreaks, as well as deploying staff trained in social distancing management and ongoing workplace virus management.

    Luton CCTV Installation

    Luton CCTV Installation

    To ensure your CCTV meets the needs of your site, our expert security technicians will carry out a full assessment of your Luton site to determine the best CCTV installation for you, creating a comprehensive CCTV plan that maximises camera coverage and minimises ‘blind spots’. No matter the size, location or type of your property, we will work in partnership with you to address the security requirements of your Luton business.

    With a reliable CCTV system watching over your property, you can benefit from simple but effective security, complete with a rapid first response platform and 24/7 monitoring. In addition to this, CCTV can also help defend your business from false insurance claims and lengthy legal disputes, supplying CCTV footage that can act as vital evidence in court proceedings.

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    Luton CCTV Monitoring Services

    Luton CCTV Monitoring

    With our state-of-the-art CCTV facility, your Luton property is monitored 24/7 by our security professionals, ensuring swift action against any criminal activity.

    Installed correctly, our CCTV systems facilitate rapid response, enabling our officers to deploy first response teams or promptly notify the police during emergencies.

    Besides deterring crime, CCTV also serves as a valuable tool for staff training, ensuring proper stock handling and procedure adherence within your business.

    Rapid Alarm Response Luton

    Rapid Luton CCTV Response Service

    Our 24/7/365 Luton CCTV services wouldn’t be complete without our exceptional response service. With an average response time of just 30 minutes, we’re able to rapidly and effectively deal with issues on your Luton premises.

    Our cutting edge CCTV cameras can detect the first sign of threat, sending an alert to our expertly trained control centre operatives. They’ll then take the appropriate measures, including deploying security personnel, or contacting the emergency services.

    Luton CCTV Installation and Surveillance Services

    How Does Our Luton CCTV Solution Work?

    The CCTV on your site will connect remotely to our high-tech, 24/7/365 manned Control Centre at Churchill’s head offices. This is done over a secure, fast Internet connection (either on-site, or using mobile Internet), meaning images from your premises are seen by our experts in real-time.

    When one of our state-of-the-art cameras detects a disturbance, it’ll automatically send an alert to our Communications Centre. This will then be picked up by one of our specially trained operatives, who can take the right action, whether that’s alerting security personnel, contacting emergency services, or issuing an audio warning to an intruder.

    Our CCTV installations are fully customisable, meaning you can have complete 24/7 coverage, or set a specific timeframe for the cameras to be active and monitored. Plus, we pride ourselves on having the cutting edge of security technology, meaning our Communications Centre operatives have the ability to zoom, pan, tilt, and switch between cameras on your site for more comprehensive coverage.

    Security Business Benefits

    The best CCTV installation strategy for ultimate peace of mind

    Peace of Mind

    Churchill Support Services can carry out an assessment of your property to determine the best CCTV installation strategy for optimal coverage and ultimate peace of mind.

    We can monitor your CCTV any time of day and night

    Available 24/7 All Year

    Our qualified CCTV operators can monitor your systems any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

    CCTV can be hired across numerous locations

    UK-Wide Service

    With the ability to deploy our solutions across Britain, our CCTV security teams can be deployed from anywhere in the UK.

    Deter anti-social behaviour with mobile patrols

    Mobile CCTV Unit

    We can deploy an advanced Mobile CCTV Unit which can help deter anti-social behaviour in outdoor and public spaces.

    Security guards can check CCTV cameras regularly

    Consistent Monitoring

    Security guards will monitor your CCTV system, keeping watch for any suspicious or criminal activity that occurs on your property.

    Over 25 years experience in the CCTV Security industry

    Expert CCTV Security Team

    With our industry experience and specialist CCTV knowledge, you can be sure that you’ll receive quality advice and an expert service.

    Case Studies & Testimonials

    "Churchill have taken over the CCTV monitoring for 12 of our locations. The team have handled the process smoothly and efficiently and we are confident that we are in safe hands. There has been consistent communication between us and the control room and they have taken a lot of the pain away from us and our team."


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    "We appreciate the work Churchill Support Services has done and thank you for your contribution to the successful management of our emergency provision, through which we were able to provide accommodation and support to these often-vulnerable clients."


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    Luton Crime Statistics

    Overall Crime Rate of 89 crimes per 1000 people

    While many instantly associate the town with its national airport, Luton offers far more than that. From its roots as a prominent hat-making town, to the rolling landscape of the Chiltern Hills, Luton has long since cemented its place as one of the largest and most prosperous towns in Bedfordshire.

    Its crime rate unfortunately reflects its growing status as one of Bedfordshire’s largest centres for business, with an estimated 89 crimes per 1000 people, and a high proportion of violence and sexual crime (7832 offences).

    However, tightening Luton security and increased police investment has meant that crime has steadily been declining or remaining consistent, although high figures still remain in drug offences (923 offences) and weapon possession (348 offences).

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