Stevenage Security Services

Need a security company in Stevenage? Get local Stevenage security to protect your business, staff and clients, long or short term contracts.

  • SIA Industry Licensed Stevenage Security Guards
  • Guards Vetted for a Minimum of 5 Years
  • Security Guards, Mobile Patrols, CCTV, Key Holding, Lock & Unlock Services

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    Stevenage Security Services

    Need a security company in Stevenage? Get local Stevenage security to protect your business, staff and clients, long or short term contracts.

    • SIA Industry Licensed Stevenage Security Guards
    • Guards Vetted for a Minimum of 5 Years
    • Security Guards, Mobile Patrols, CCTV, Key Holding, Lock & Unlock Services

    A Reliable Stevenage Security Service Provider

    Churchill Support Services is a nationwide security company and a trusted provider of security services in Stevenage. For over 25 years, we have deployed the region’s best SIA licensed security guards to meet Stevenage’s diverse security needs. As Stevenage and the surrounding area continues to develop, we’re proud of the role we play in keeping the area’s property, assets and people safe.

    Each of our Stevenage security services are bespoke to our clients’ specific needs. This means that all your Stevenage security requirements will be met in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Call Churchill Support Services today or complete our online quote form for a quick, no-obligation quote.

    Hire Stevenage security guards and officers

    Security Guards in Stevenage

    Acting as an effective visual deterrent, security guarding is still one of the most effective measures to ensure the safeguarding of your property and assets.

    Whether you’re looking for reliable gatehouse security for an industrial facility or you require professionals to control access to a busy corporate building, our professional security guards will take care of your concerns. We can also offer security officers with dual role capabilities – such as performing risk assessments and health and safety checks – meaning that whatever your needs, we will provide a solution that works.

    Churchill Support Services security guards take a proactive and professional approach so that you can rest assured that your people, premises and assets are properly secured.

    hire stevenage mobile patrol security

    Stevenage Mobile Security Patrols

    With the ability to monitor multiple areas and to provide services such as internal and external checks, open-air security and vehicle patrols, our mobile teams will deliver security that goes beyond a fixed location.

    At Churchill Support Services, we recognise that visibility is paramount. This is why we deploy fully uniformed mobile security guards and marked patrol vehicles. We can also supply highly visible boards at entrance and exit points if required. Acting as an effective visual deterrent, our patrols significantly reduce the opportunity for crime such as trespassing, vandalism and theft.

    Our security staff are trained to respond to a wide range of security situations. If any suspicious or criminal activity does occur at your Stevenage premises, we will guarantee a rapid and effective response.

    Stevenage CCTV Installation & monitoring

    Stevenage CCTV Installation and Monitoring

    Our professional CCTV security team in Stevenage will observe cameras closely and consistently, so you can be certain that any suspicious activity isn’t missed.

    With a state-of-the-art CCTV monitoring facility, Churchill’s SIA-accredited expert team will monitor your premises, looking for any unusual or suspicious behaviour and responding in the most effective way to protect your business and assets.

    CCTV can also be used as a training tool for staff, as well as to ensure that stock is handled correctly. Additionally, CCTV can be used as a platform for deploying a quick first response, meaning, in the event of a security incident, officers monitoring your site will deploy a team of first response officers or alert the police of an emergency.

    Our CCTV security staff provide 24/7 coverage. Trained to identify and respond to all suspicious activity, you can be sure that our guards will properly protect your business all year round.

    Need Stevenage key holding and alarm response?

    Key Holding and Alarm Response Service In Stevenage

    Here at Churchill Support Services, we understand that no property is truly secure without efficient security measures and a professional security team. The cost of crime is high, and an unprotected business is a soft target for criminals. Ensure your property is safeguarded with our industry-leading key holding and alarm response service.

    With Churchill Support Services defending your Stevenage site, you can be sure that our SIA licensed officers and guards will instantly react to any and all alarm activation, immediately alerting the police if criminal activity is happening on your site and ensuring your property is secure.

    With a set of keys stored securely off-site with us, you can also be sure you have 24/7 access if you’re ever locked out of your property or if an emergency repair needs to be completed out of business hours.

    Stevenage Event Security Services

    Our services have been recognised as "industry-leading" and we are proud to be listed in the top one percent of private security companies in the UK. Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs, so you can enjoy your Stevenage event and leave the security concerns up to us.

    Stevenage Charity Event Security

    Our unbeatable Stevenage charity event security service will ensure that all your hard work is recognised and your gala is a huge success.

    Learn more

    Stevenage Corporate Event Security

    Our experienced corporate event security guards in Stevenage are trained to the highest of standards to ensure your event runs as planned.

    Learn more

    Stevenage Festivals and Concert Security

    Our concert security officers are highly-trained in access and crowd control, and emergency planning procedure to ensure your gig never gets out of hand.

    Learn more

    Stevenage Sporting Event Security

    We deliver leading security in Stevenage including ticket management, crowd control, car park security and VIP security management.

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    Stevenage Party Security

    Our party security guards watch over your guests and the venue so you can focus on enjoying yourself.

    Learn more

    Stevenage Wedding Security

    Our highly-trained security guards can control access and respond rapidly to emergencies, ensuring your big day runs smoothly.

    Learn more

    Security Business Benefits

    Tailored security services and solutions.

    Tailored to Your Needs

    Relax in the knowledge that your solution will be tailored to your specific security requirements, guaranteeing you a personalised, first-class service.

    Huge security skill sets available.

    Huge Skill Set on Offer

    Whether it is patrolling, customer service or surveillance you require, Churchill Support Services has got you covered with a wide range of skills to offer.

    Highly trained-security-experts.

    Highly Trained Experts

    Churchill Support Services deploys only the highest-trained SIA licensed officers. We’re in the top 1% of ACS approved contractors and are SafeContractor approved.

    Deter criminals with a visual security deterrent.

    Deter Criminals

    An important visual deterrent, the presence of security guards will significantly minimise the chance of vandalism, trespassing theft and other crime.

    Rapid security response to potential and genuine threats.

    Rapid Response Solution

    As well as an effective visual deterrent, security guards can also act as a rapid response solution to any potential or genuine threats.

    Reduce costs with out multi-role security- solutions.

    Keep Costs Down

    Our security guards’ multi-role capabilities such as concierge duties and risk assessment mean you can keep costs down without compromising on vital services.

    Case Studies & Testimonials

    “Churchill Support Services have been awarded the security contract for our new £32M facility here at Newport. When the facility was opened by HRH Prince Charles, there were a number of VIPs on this day, and the Churchill team worked closely with the Royal Security Team to make the day run smoothly.”


    Read their story >

    ”Since that first evening of stress and worry, I can now leave our offices in the evening without having to worry. Every touch point from Churchill has led to this point, and I can only thank Churchill Support Services enough for taking the stress off my shoulders. Well done, keep up the good work.”


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    The ACS Pacesetter accreditation is awarded to the top 15 percent of all SIA Approved UK security providers.

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