Churchill’s Company Round-Up For 2023

As the curtain draws on what’s undeniably been a superb year for Churchill Support Services, it’s crucial we look back at what’s made 2023 such a pivotal year, and how those events have contributed towards what’s already shaping up to be an incredible 2024.

That retrospective allows us to see exactly where those decisions, those changes and those moments of celebration have lead us to. It’s an opportunity to pinpoint what went well – and what ultimately may not have – and to plot out the course of action for the years to come.

With our latest article, we’ll take the time to look at just a few of our standout moments from a fantastic year at Churchill, and how they pave the way for future developments and growth across the security sector.


10 Key Moments For Churchill In 2023

Here are just 10 of the most influential happenings this year, how they contributed towards the success we’ve experienced, and what that means going forward.


1. We Made Our First Acquisition With Vanguard Cleaning

This year saw the dawn of a new era for Churchill Support Services. We became a huge force to be reckoned with, beginning the road towards becoming an acquisitive company with the purchase of Vanguard Cleaning.

Starting life as a medical cleaning company in 2001, Vanguard quickly became one of the frontrunners in the facilities management sector, offering a huge range of bespoke, professional services for a range of different sectors.

Now an employer of more than 300 individuals, the cleaning firm has gone from strength to strength, and it’s that perseverance and conscientious attitude that meant they were an ideal choice for Churchill’s first acquisition.

We completed that first acquisition back in March of 2023, releasing a press release to commemorate the occasion, and the true hard work began.

Of course, on a more intrinsic level, we were already connected – Vanguard’s core ethos, alongside their People First mantra, close aligned with the virtues that have been a key component of the approach that’s seen us achieve the successes we have in recent years.

It’s also a signal of where Churchill, and now Vanguard, are set to go in the future. Moves of this nature indicate a mindset of growth and progression, and it’s clear that this has placed us in one of  the most promising positions we’ve ever seen.


2. We Were Named The UK’s #1 ACS-Approved Security Company For The Third Year Running

In May of 2023, Churchill underwent a comprehensive audit as part of the Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS), an initiative run by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) to ensure the continued quality and professionalism of the industry.

An examination of more than 75 unique aspects of our company, from financials and fiscal planning to staff training processes, it’s the gold standard for security firms across the UK. More than 800 companies take part, all undergoing that same stringent process and ranked accordingly.

Our results were, to say the least, exceptional. We scored an unprecedented 144 out of 145, and were the only security company to score that highly in 2023. No other company achieved that high a score, nor did they demonstrate the characteristics and the impassioned approach we imbue into all we do.

You can learn more in our extensive look at the programme and our score, as well as the metrics by which we were assessed, and why it means a huge amount for the future. Suffice it to say, however, that this is well-deserved, and a testament to the superb people that work as part of Churchill Support Services.

It’s also an indication that we’re headed on an extremely positive, forward-thinking trajectory. This score acts as a concrete guarantee of that – it’s the external validation and proof that we’re moving in the right direction, and that we’re providing a service everyone, from senior management to our newest recruits, can be proud to put their names to.


3. We Made It Onto Infologue’s Top 50 UK Security Companies

One of the security sector’s most illustrious lists, the Infologue rankings list out the UK’s largest security companies by their total revenue. Updated on an annual basis, the countdown is well-known amongst the major competitors in the sector.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, you’ll often find the household names and big names at the top of that list. There’s limited movement here, but for customers and clients, it’s a good idea of who others are using for their security needs.

However, further down the list, there’s often greater competition, and as the list extends to the Top 100 (as of 2023), there’s likely to be more significant contests. That’s especially true of the Top 50, which is now where Churchill finds itself.

We’ve discussed this more in our thorough exploration of what this newfound position means, but in essence, it’s more of a financial indicator of our continued successes, and that our exceptional approach to security and safety is one that’s also conducive to fiscal accomplishments.


4. We Introduced The “C-Suite” Management Structure

As we continue to evolve as a company and as an enterprise, it’s natural we’re looking to revolutionise the way we do things. Whether that’s in terms of the services we provide, our training procedures, or how we structure our departments, it’s important to continually refine our approaches.

That’s best reflected in 2023’s new C-suite management structure, launched in May 2023, which saw numerous changes to the senior leadership team. Chief among these was the new appointments awarded to our leaders and directors.

John Melling was named as the Group’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The appointments allow the leaders of Churchill to work on the business from a more strategic perspective rather than from within, as well as continuing to be responsible for its continual growth, direction and focus.

The introduction of the C-Suite also opened up fantastic opportunities to our Senior Leadership Team, allowing them to progress even further into their careers and to encompass additional areas of responsibility.

Of course, that’s a massive area of focus for everyone, not least our directorial and senior leadership team. Supporting them are the newly minted “C-Suite”, a more streamlined and robust approach to our upper management.

That’s inclusive of our now-Group Finance Director David Parsons, alongside our Group IT Director Mark Ashcroft, both of whom have been involved with Churchill throughout its more modern era.


5. Liam O’Connor Promoted To Our Director Of Operations

As a forward-thinking and People First company, 2023 was all about ascending to new heights. We’re always seeking to offer that next step to those who deserve it most, and Liam was, and continues to be, a prime example of that.

Starting with Churchill 5 years ago, Liam truly embodies what it means to be a member of the team. His diligence and passion shone through over the course of that half-decade, and in his new role as Director of Operations, he’s only continued that trend.

His readiness and willingness to tackle problems head on, even those that occur out of hours or in the face of significant adversity, are shining beacons of what it means to represent the Churchill Support Services virtues.

Liam himself describes it as “a huge milestone”, and while we’d completely agree, it’s only the tip of the iceberg for someone whose tenacity, determination and enthusiasm continue to inspire the Operations Team and everyone around him.


6. Emily Macaulay Was Appointed As Our Group Director Of Sales

A long-awaited announcement, and one that revolutionised the approach we took to our sales and marketing, Emily Macaulay was appointed as our Group Director of Sales. Having been with the company for almost 10 years, she’s continually moved from strength to strength, and built up a strong and well-earned reputation as a stalwart at Churchill.

Starting off as an apprentice, she’s climbed the ranks through sheer passion, determination and an unwavering commitment to the virtues that make Churchill Support Services the company it is. On a more professional level, that’s supported with her consistent track record in achieving and exceeding targets, and continual focus on her development.

While we’ve discussed this more in our LinkedIn post that celebrates the new promotion, it’s an indication of the positive direction that Churchill is heading in. It’s also a clear reaffirmation of our commitment to putting the right people in the right positions, and ensuring everyone has a clear path to progression.


7. We Launched Our Pioneering Mental Health Initiative

We’ve long remained committed to ensuring the ongoing wellbeing, both physically and mentally, of everyone at Churchill. That’s something that, in the past, we’d cultivated through an open dialogue and a culture of open-door policies, a welcoming atmosphere, and a sense of community and support from colleagues.

Of course, while that will still continue, we were always conscious that something more concrete needed to be in place. This had to be something that allowed people to know we were here to provide support for a range of issues that may not be visible on the surface, and that resources are available for those that need them.

That’s where the impetus for the “We’re Here” mental health programme came from. We’ve discussed this at length in our comprehensive blog post on the new scheme, but at its core, it offers a much stronger way for us to support those who need it, and let those who don’t need it at the moment know that it’s available should they ever need it.

This is something that’s only set to grow over the course of 2024, and we’re already committed to expanding and supporting that as we move into the new year.


8. We Maintained Our Consistent Support For Charities

Over the course of 2023, we endeavoured to provide as much support as possible for various charities across the UK. That’s not only part of our core virtues, insomuch as we’re a People First company, but it’s a point of personal humility to give back from the fortunate position we find ourselves in.

That’s consistent across all of Churchill’s endeavours, and those of our valued members of staff. From the traditional bake sales in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness, to gruelling bike rides to support Trinity Hospice care, we made it our aim to support as many charitable endeavours as possible.

A standout moment has to be the Big Hike Peak District Marathon, however. A colossal 13.1 mile climb across the undulating countryside and trails of the Peak District, the event took place in the sweltering June sunshine. In aid of Cancer Research UK, 8 of our dedicated staff members took on the huge climb, and in the process earned a whopping £4,305.21.

Ultimately, this isn’t something we ever intend to stop. As we grow and flourish as a company, that support will only increase, and we’ll continue to expand the range of charities and initiatives we support far into the new year.


9. Our First Major Fundraiser Was A Roaring Success

Charity has always held a place close to our hearts here at Churchill Support Services. We’ve continuously aimed to give back, and especially so as we’ve seen the continued and hard-fought successes we have. The epitome of that was our first (of hopefully many) charity fundraiser back in May.

Organised in aid of Cancer Research UK, we took the time in the sunshine to host an array of different activities, all with the aim of raising as much money as possible for an incredibly worthy cause. From a tombola and raffle, to games and even sumo-suited wrestling, it was a day that wasn’t just important for its charitable aims, but in that it allowed us all to get involved.

That group spirit is integral here at Churchill, and we saw that in abundance with the fundraising day. A day of happy faces and enjoyment, of laughter and good company, and of that community joie de vivre, all a testament to the exceptional levels of hard work and dedication that went into the planning of the event.

Plus, all of that came to fruition, with the fundraiser bringing in a grand total of £4,022.98. A monumental figure for our very first charitable event, it’s the kind of success and enthusiasm that we’re keen to take into the future.


10. December Was Our Best Trading Month Yet

We ended our year even stronger than we started it, with December of 2023 bringing in some of the largest and most impressive figures we’d witnessed over the course of the year. It even went beyond that, being not only the highest revenue we’d seen that year, but in our entire history.

Of course, this is an incredibly exciting time. It heralds the beginning of both a new and prosperous year, and a new era in Churchill Support Services. It’s an indicator that the exceptional hard work, determination and virtuousness of everyone involved with Churchill, from the senior leadership team to our newest member of staff.

It’s also an indicator that the things we’ve long held true, such as our central system of virtues and our continuing commitment to CSR, are quickly becoming a blueprint for success. They’re a sign of how hard we’ve all worked, and where that’s taking us.

Ultimately, we’ll be seeking to take these figures further into 2024, and look with anticipation and excitement to these next 12 months and beyond.


How This Sets Us Up For An Exciting 2024

A retrospective of this nature not only allows us to better quantify all the key moments from our 27th year in operation, it also acts as a way to gain a glimpse into what’s likely to happen for 2024. The new year will naturally bring with it unseen challenges and obstacles to overcome, but it’ll represent a continuation of what we’ve worked so hard to achieve this year, too.

We’ve briefly touched on this earlier in this article, especially when it comes to our charitable endeavours, and the work we’ve already put into our mental health initiative. Those are only set to grow, both in terms of scope and financial investment, as we progress in 2024.

Having begun our acquisitive journey already, it’s a given that we’ll be continuing the pursuit of that going into the new year. With Vanguard already having skyrocketed in terms of its successes, we’ll of course be seeking to take what we’ve learned from that forward to any other opportunities.

Outside of that, it’s a time of continual development and growth. The new year is a chance to continue refining the services we offer, and the experience we provide for our clients. That’s already in motion with new materials like brochures and welcome packs for our customers being finalised and printed.

One thing won’t change going into 2024, however, and that’s our approach to what we do. With our core virtues of Humility, Passion and People First at the helm, and the right people in the right roles, we’ll continue to see the successes and the expansions we’ve seen in 2023.

Here’s to an exciting future as the UK’s #1 ACS-approved security company!

John Melling

Group Chief Executive Officer

John has a proven track record for motivating and leading high performance teams and has helped mentor and develop many people at Churchill who now hold key or senior positions within the business. John is committed to delivering only the finest services, exercising compelling leadership, maintaining good internal morale and striving to resolve any challenges efficiently and effectively.