What Are the Different Types of Event Security?

You’ve undoubtedly worked so hard to plan your event. Whether it’s a birthday bash or a corporate soirée, a huge amount of effort, time and often money goes into the planning and maintaining of an event.

It goes without saying, then, that event security should always be an integral part of that. There’s no doubt you’ll want to protect what you’ve worked so hard to bring to fruition, and a robust and thorough event security package is the ideal way to do that. But what are the different types of event security available, and why are they so important?

With our latest article, Churchill will explore everything you need to be aware of when it comes to the different types of event security, why they’re an integral part of ensuring a safe and secure experience for your guests, and how you can secure a package that works for you.

We’ll also explore how important a bespoke security solutions is for your unique event, and the inherent risks a tailormade plan for security can make a thing of the past.


The 6 Key Types Of Event Security

Let’s break down in more detail the different types of event security available for the full spectrum of celebrations, and how we can adapt what we offer to suit your needs.


1. Security For Parties & Celebrations

Your landmark celebration – whether it’s an anniversary, birthday or christening – deserves to be celebrated in as extravagant a manner as possible. That’s especially true if you’re planning a more extensive guest list, or you’ve got performers and staging to consider.

We all like to think that the people we’d invite to a personal event would be respectful to the other guests and their property, but making assumptions where large numbers of people are involved is risky, especially when alcohol is involved.

Recent research from the Institute of Alcohol Studies (ISA) confirmed as much, finding that the vast majority of incidents that occurred both over the weekend and in the evening had alcohol involved in some way.

The risks of theft and property damage are constant, even if it’s a small and intimate function, and the last thing anyone wants is a special gathering to be tainted by rude guests, confrontations, theft, or avoidable accidents.

The presence of professional party security personnel, trained in key skills such as first aid, evacuation planning and conflict management, ensures guests can be confident in their safety and concentrate on their enjoyment.


2. Event Security For The Hospitality Sector

One of the UK’s most pivotal sectors, with The House of Commons places the hospitality sector’s economic contribution at around £73.8 billion per year, which correlates to 3.2% of the UK’s total output. Considering this, events are naturally a huge deal for those in and around leisure and hospitality businesses.

From beer gardens and boutique brasseries, to cafés and coffeehouses, our hospitality sector spans a multitude of different premises, all with unique requirements and demands when it comes to keeping guests, staff and property safe and secure.

Crime is an ever-pressing threat, however. Hospitality venues face an uphill struggle when it comes to theft, violent crime and criminal damage, with many city and town centres seeing an inflated rate of criminal activity, and a steady influx of visitors.

With a custom-built hospitality event security package, you’ll always be in total control. Security officers are able to take up a position at the entrance to your event premises, keeping track of any visitors and ensuring the flow of authorised or guest-listed attendees.


3. Festival & Concert Security

Festivals, concerts and gigs all carry with them a well-known and well-documented risk, but their socioeconomic benefits far outweigh any potential hazards. That’s best exemplified by the widespread and vocal support of Reading festival, despite 2022’s event being marred by tent burnings, violence and significant damage.

It’s stories like these, though, that unfortunately (and admittedly deservedly) make headlines, and add a sour note to what’s ultimately an enjoyable and memorable experience. They not only offer a grim warning of the realities of planning and running a festival, they also serve to underscore the need for effective security for festivals.

At Churchill Support Services, we understand the constant demand for effective festival security, and all of our tailormade security packages are built with your unique event’s needs at the forefront of all that we do.

Whether you need dedicated security at the entrance to your festival grounds, or mobile patrols to safeguard any campgrounds or areas where festivalgoers are likely to gather, we’re able to adapt to any circumstances, and provide comprehensive security coverage whether it’s a metal meeting or a classical music celebration.


4. Sports Event Security

Whether it’s the first tackle or the final innings, securing a sports event is crucial throughout. In the Premier League alone, statistics show there were over 15 million spectators in just the last year, with lower leagues and other sports seeing smaller but no less impressive figures.

However, with such a massive footfall comes an equally high risk of criminal behaviour, and football hooliganism and antisocial behaviour often dominates headlines across the UK. The Government figures on football-related crimes are concerning to say the least – public order offences (34%) and violent crime (21%) are just two of the main issues.

Statistics such as these serve as a reminder that sporting events cannot be organised with a relaxed approach to security. They require a security team that’s fully qualified and experienced in sporting event safeguarding, trained to the highest standard, and with additional skills such as access point and car park security, counter terrorism awareness, crowd control and first aid.


5. Security For Charity & Corporate Events

A charity or corporate event might not be the first type of event that springs to mind when thinking about security, but there’s good reason behind ensuring the security of everyone at your event. While incidents like this may appear to be isolated, there’s always an inherent risk of crime at any organised celebration.

Charity events will often have glittering prizes, and even corporate events may have high-value property on site, meaning the risk of theft is arguably one of the most pressing, but violence and criminal damage are always a possibility, especially when alcohol is served.

Together, these risk elements can create an overall threat-level that requires a professional and robust charity event security solution. Given the sensitive nature of charity events, it is vital that highly trained, experienced and accredited security professionals are deployed to ensure the complete protection of your event.

With expertly trained security personnel from a reputable provider like Churchill Support Services, our officers can take that a step further, offering guidance and information to your guests as they arrive, and acting as the first point of contact for all your attendees.

Of course, with that, we’ll adapt to the bespoke nature, offering security officers who are not only able to undertake all the duties you’d expect, but that they also blend in seamlessly. A charity ball or corporate event is often a classy affair, and our officers can be fully outfitted in suits, formalwear or anything you’d prefer your guards to wear.


6. Wedding Day Security

Your big day is one of the most important in your calendar, and with such massive efforts going into planning and organising each aspect, it’s crucial nothing goes wrong. Sadly, though, that’s not always the case, with articles like this one from Sky News painting an altogether-too-real image of the dangers of criminal behaviour at a wedding.

For the majority of wedding and civil partnership celebrations, alcohol is likely to be involved in some capacity, meaning the latent risks of violent crime and criminal damage are magnified. Theft, too, is surprisingly common, despite the often rigid and well considered guest lists that many weddings have.

All of this combines to mean that a wedding security package is an essential consideration when you’re planning for your special occasion. Whether you’ve got a more secluded and selective ceremony, or a large-scale celebration of love, securing your big day has never been a more pressing concern.

With Churchill, our dedication to your day extends beyond that. In our extensive experience of securing weddings, we’ve found that many prefer our expert security officers to be dressed the part, too.

This is usually suited and booted, but always with the correct licensing and badges clearly visible. This not only ensures that any aesthetic you’re seeking to maintain is upheld even by your security personnel, but that your guests can get any information or guidance they need.


How Many Security Officers Does My Event Need?

Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to this question. The amount of security guards your event needs is dependent on a huge range of factors, which include:

  • The number of expected attendees
  • The size of the venue or site
  • Whether alcohol will be served
  • How long the event will run for
  • Whether children or vulnerable people will be in attendance
  • The different duties expected of your officers (securing a festival requires different expertise to security for a wedding, for instance).

As a general rule, however, it’s recommended you have at least 1 security officer per 150 guests you’re expecting to attend. For example, if you’re planning a corporate celebration with around 450 attendees, we’d recommend having a minimum of 3 security officers in attendance.

That doesn’t scale linearly, though. Larger-scale events, and those with more complex requirements (such as the need for event supervisors, or those with specific training), might need additional guards to ensure continued safeguarding.

Of course, this rough guideline will need to be reviewed depending on the type of event you’re organising. A village fete, for example, will not attract the same level of risk as a world-tour concert. Similarly, a football match will inspire more heightened emotions than a corporate exhibition, meaning more security will typically be needed to prevent potential risks.

This is where a tailormade security service really comes to the fore. By opting for a provider like Churchill Support Services, you’re able to work alongside your security company, and come to a conclusion that matches with exactly what you need, and that stays within crucial budgetary constraints.


Choosing Churchill To Secure Your Celebration

As the UK’s leading ACS-approved provider of security services, Churchill Support Services are the ideal choice when it comes to bespoke, professional event security packages. With more than 27 years of experience at the very peak of the security sector, we’re perfectly positioned to offer complete and unparalleled expertise in event security.

Every single member of our security teams are fully SIA-licensed, and have undergone a rigorous vetting procedure that spans at least 5 years. This additional layer of verification adds in that extra reassurance you need, especially for those events that have taken significant time, effort and money in their planning process.

Whatever the nature of your event, Churchill Support Services will tailor a security solution that ensures all risks can be mitigated. Whether that’s security officers manning entrances, perimeter monitoring and car park management, or the installation of CCTV, your guests will enjoy a secure experience.

Get in touch with our in-house experts today, and we’d be more than happy to provide a free, no-obligation quote that’s tailormade with your event in mind.

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